Bryan Fischer: “Trump Won 80 Percent Of America Because Women And Slaves Are Worth Less According To God”

American Family Radio’s Bryan Fischer continues to respond in an increasingly absurd manner to the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular in the presidential election, to the point where has now resorted to bragging that Donald Trump won “80 percent of the country”…when determined solely by “real estate.” “Basically the voters representing 3 million square miles chose Trump,” he said. “Hillary Clinton’s voters control 530,000 square miles,” he said on his radio show last Thursday.

“And what’s even more surprising, to me at least, is the fact that Clinton’s voters are still too afraid to admit to themselves that their prized fighter was obliterated by the other guy,” he added. “We’re not talking here just about 80 percent of the population; we’re talking about the fact that those 80 percent are mostly men of all ages. That says something important about the structure of his voters. And it also has to do with God, but that’s of secondary importance at this time.”

Fischer also went on to argue that “women and slave votes are worth less according to God,” and that that’s also part of the reason why president-elect Donald Trump took the win with such a great majority. “Biblically speaking, we can pretend all we want, but biblically speaking – African-Americans and other former slave races, including women, aren’t that big of a deal when it comes to God. He’s all for the ‘live and let live’ principle, but he doesn’t give that much importance to them. And you can just read the Bible and see that I’m telling the truth,” he said.

“Now, when you’ve got a presidential candidate who wins the election by having four fifths of the population vote for him, that’s saying something about the situation,” Fischer added. “And I don’t mean to brag, everybody knows I’m a huge supporter of Donald Trump, but I didn’t write the Holy Book. And if God says that slaves and women are only worth one fifth of a man, then it’s pretty darn clear who he thinks should be president and with whose votes that should come to pass.”

He continued, “The man was chosen by God to change this country for the better and take it out of the rut Barack Obama stuck it in. And he couldn’t have made it any clearer other than personally coming down to Earth, visiting every single American in the country and telling them, ‘Hey, look here, Donald Trump is who I’ve chosen to change things around here, so deal with it.’ But since the chances of that were slim to none, this was just another way to make that point.”

“Of course, that’s not to say that women and slaves don’t have their own value in different situations,” he added. “Us guys still need someone to cook and clean when there’s that sort of work to be done, and we mustn’t forget bearing children. But, all in all, I think he’s just better loved by the men in this country than the women. Although, I’m sure that’ll change pretty soon, though,” Fischer concluded.