Buchanan Suggests “Sterilizing Immigrant Women After 2.1 Kids”

For centuries, racist politicians in the U.S. have warned about the looming “Negro domination” of America that will one day overtake white Americans. In a recent column, Pat Buchanan issues a similar warning about what he sees as the imminent Latino and Islamic domination of the U.S. and Europe, lamenting that white people are facing demographic collapse. Buchanan, who for years has been obsessed with the idea of a civilizational clash to prevent the demise of white American domination, wrongly claims that there are exploding fertility rates among Muslims and Latin Americans, predicting that the rise of these two groups will soon destroy what is left of white, Christian culture.

“What many people don’t realize is that immigrants and non-white people already living in the United States are doing this purposefully, this is not some random or accidental occurrence,” Buchanan argued. “They know that white people are the strongest when there is lots of us, so they decided to strike at the very core of our dominance. They believe that if they can overpopulate us, that we’ll somehow immigrate out of America and that we’ll leave this great country in their hands. But what they don’t realize is that we’re not so quick to surrender, no Sir. We’re used to everybody trying to take us out, one way or the other.”

Buchanan then mentioned that one way this sort of “sneaky tactic” could be put to an end involves mandatory abortions, or better yet, “sterilization of immigrant women who are used to popping out kids like M&M’s off of a factory line after they come here.” “They have long ago mastered the anchor baby strategy, and now they’re shifting gears into multiplying those babies three and even four times. And that doesn’t bode well for us white people,” he argued. “So we need to take action and we need to take action now.”

“One way we could go about doing this is limiting the number of kids immigrants and non-white Americans are allowed to have,” he opined. “For example, after each non-white or immigrant couple has had 2.1 kids, we call the woman up or send agents on a manhunt after her and we bring her in. Then we sterilize her so that she can have as much sex as she wants, but that she can’t bear any more children. We actually thought about sterilizing the husbands, but since we kind of need them to go to work and make money for their white American bosses, staying home after a vasectomy would probably cause too much time off work, and would therefore ruin the economy. So, the women are the better choice in this situation.”

Asked to elaborate on why each couple would be required to come in for sterilization after 2.1 children, Buchanan explained that it has to do with the total fertility rate: “You see, if there’s 150 million non-white and immigrant people in America right now and each couple has an average of 2.1 kids, then even in 100 years there will still be 150 million of them. However, if we allow them to have 3 kids, for example, then their population will go up over the course of a hundred years. Bottom line, 2.1 kids is where they need to be in order to keep things safe. And I’m going to urge everybody to vote and pass legislation that would make this kind of sterilization legally binding. It’s important because it concerns our future.”

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