Former President Bush: “I Don’t Regret Going To War With Iraq; I Might Run In 2016 Just To Do It Again”

Washington D.C., The White House – It is often said that waging war is to men what giving birth is to women – a necessity. And when it comes to the first among equals, modern history will probably remember former US president George W. Bush as a man who made the decision to invade Iraq lightly (some would say too lightly).

Without falling under false pretenses, it is widely known that a party like the GOP was always more eager to fight wars than its blue-colored counterpart. However, “former president Bush says that he “was surprised Hussein didn’t leave Iraq when the United States threatened to go to war.”

““I just don’t see how he could doubt my word. You know, when he was first captured, I was told he said “I just didn’t believe Bush”. In retrospect, it’s hard for me to believe he didn’t believe me”, the former President said to CBS’s Bob Schieffer.

However, in the midst of the interview, Bush mentioned a rather surprising plan to run for office again in 2016. He added the decision has to do with his love of waging wars.

“You know, when you retire from your job, whatever it may be, you start having lots of free time. For me, that’s pure torture. Not that I’m not capable of entertaining myself, but there’s a huge difference between being employed as the president of one of the most powerful nations in the world, and running a shoe store“, said Mr. Bush, alluding to his personal hobby.

He then concluded: “I believe that every man should be given the opportunity to do what he loves, regardless of whether it’s bull-riding or painting daisies all day long. For me, it’s the art of war and the power it entails. That’s why I might just run again in 2016.”