Keeping Your Business in Front of Your Customers Even During Crisis

In light of COVID-19, financial crisis, and police brutality protests, it’s clear that businesses have more social responsibility than ever. The year 2020 has been one of adaptation, so you need to know how to stay in touch with your customers even when emergencies are happening.

So how can you establish this as your new norm?

Here’s what you need to know to stay in front of your customers even when crisis looms

1. Pass Out Keepsakes to Stay in Front of Your Customers

Keepsakes can give you just as much brand awareness as a detailed digital marketing strategy.

Whether you’re passing out keychain lanyards, water bottles, t-shirts, or baked goods, items that you hand out to stay on people’s minds.

Buying magnetic business cards will give you the chance to literally have a presence on peoples’ refrigerators.

Your customers will be more likely to check in with you, emergency or otherwise, when you serve a constant presence in their lives.

2. Manage a Blog and Video Channel That Offers Value

If you want to open constant lines of communication to your public, blogging and blogging are crucial. It trains people to check for your content at least a few times per week.

Once emergencies arise, people wanting to hear from you will likely check in with these staples first.

YouTube draws a whopping 2 billion viewers that log in each month, in addition to countless guests. People turn to blogs as a source of news and information today.

Building these two channels lets you get your message across clearly and quickly.

3. Garner Some E-mail List Subscribers

A sound e-mail marketing strategy has the potential to bring a greater than 4,000% ROI to your business.

During times of emergency, you will already have infrastructure that lets you send out an e-mail blast with all pertinent information. This way, you’ll be able to announce things like your stance on a social issue or new business hours.

4. Use Your Social Media Platforms to Control Your Message

Since the average consumer checks their social media accounts several times per day, you should absolutely have a presence on these channels.

Building your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram establishes a rapport with people. You can get a broad message out in seconds, and these posts are easily shareable.

5. Work With a Public Relations Company

Finally, you will want the help of a public relations professional that can put some strategy behind your communication.

They will set up campaigns and timelines that let you get the most potent message across in a timely manner. Public relations professionals also typically have experience in journalism, so you can lean on their news sense and expertise.

Keeping in Touch With Your Customer Base

As a business owner in 2020 and beyond, staying in front of your customers is your responsibility. Putting these strategies into play will help your brand or business to the fullest.

The more you get to know these points, the more your customers and the public will trust you.

Be sure to check back so that you have some guidance for all of your business and finance needs.