The Benefits of Buying Metal Premium Business Cards for Your Business

No matter what business you’re in, it’s important to stand out among the competition. That doesn’t just mean having a winning personality and charm, but also a good business card.

Premium business cards show off your professionalism and dedication. They do more than any handshake ever could to introduce yourself and your business. Spending a little money on your card ensures it won’t end up just another tattered card in a stack.

Here’s why you should use premium, metal business cards

Stand Out, Be Memorable

A metal business card will stand out in the sea of typical business cards.

The majority of people choose plastic or card-paper for their business cards. By using a different material, you’re making something that can’t help but stand out. Card recipients won’t be able to resist pulling your card out of their business card pile.

Clients will remember your face much clearer than the faces of generic card givers. Who could forget the person who gave them a metal business card? If they can remember you, they’ll feel more comfortable doing business with you.

One of the main goals of any first impression should be to impact the potential client. You want them to remember your face, your demeanor, and get them thinking about your business. A metal business card makes that just a little bit easier.

Premium Business Cards Are Sleek

You can do a lot design-wise with metal business cards.

Metal business cards are typically made with stainless steel. You can have them engraved with text, images, and intricate designs. You can even have luminous color added to the card for an amazing illusionary effect.

Metal cards don’t just have to be stainless-steel silver. You can get whole color gradients going with your card. Bronze, gold, black — all these and more are at your disposal.

You can even get your metal business cards cut into a specific shape. If you sell cars, shape it like a car. If you run a music business, shape it like a guitar.

The breadth of design choices helps your card stand out even more among the stack. Just don’t sacrifice text space or information for a shape. A card you can put in your wallet is always desirable.

A Card That Lasts

Metal business cards are much sturdier than their paper and plastic counterparts.

A metal business card won’t get torn or beaten up in a person’s pocket. It won’t get dirtied and scuffed up in someone’s wallet. Even if the person drops your card, it likely won’t get too beaten up on the street.

Since everything on the card is engraved, you don’t have to worry about the ink running. Even if some dirt gets on the card, it won’t affect the visibility. All you have to do is give the card a quick wipe and you’re back to perfection.

A metal business card is more solid and appealing to hold. It’s not something you can just bend and fold up like a typical business card. With premium business cards, wear and tear is a thing of the past.

Scream Professionalism

A metal business card shows that you’re a dedicated professional.

Paper business cards are temporary. They’re often crumpled up and thrown right out, and business owners know this. They make thousands of these cards, anticipating that most of them will be ignored.

A metal business card shows more permanence and dedication. It means you know your business, and you’re not ready to be ignored. The metal reflects professionalism in all business aspects, straight from the initial meeting.

Giving out a metal business card shows you’re here to stay. If you’ve got the dough to drop on a metal card where most people go with paper, clearly you’re doing something right.

A Conversation Carrier

Metal business cards are great conversation starters.

It’s hard for the typical recipient to avoid asking about the metal business card as it enters their hand. Many people have never seen a metal business card before. It strikes them as different, and they’ll often comment on some aspect of it.

This helps open the conversation in an organic way. You can easily steer the conversation from there to further business talk. The better a rapport you have with a person, the more potential they have to become a customer.

Make Your Clients Feel Important

The problem with paper business cards is that they don’t feel special.

When you’re given a paper business card you don’t feel much. You put the card away and often forget about it immediately. Handing someone a paper business card is often similar to just handing them a piece of garbage.

When you’re given a metal business card you feel like you’re worth more. Metal business cards are solid and expensive. By giving the client something with value, you’re showing that their business has value to you.

A whopping 88% of business cards are thrown out within a week. Considering this, a metal business card is a great trash can repellant.

The typical client won’t want to throw your business card out. Stainless steel makes your card feel like anything but garbage. It feels wasteful to throw one out, meaning it’ll stick around the client’s home for a long time to come.

Set Yourself Apart With Metal Business Cards

There’s no better move for a serious business person than investing in premium business cards.

Business cards are an afterthought to many, but they shouldn’t be. They hold too much power to be quickly and cheaply slapped together.

A good business card can help you stand out, capture new clients, and show off your dedication. If you’re serious about the business you do, you’re going to want to invest in some serious business cards. Your clients will definitely notice the difference.

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