C-SPAN Caller Calls To Outlaw Single Moms Because They Are “Taking Us Back To Caveman Age When Men Just Bred Women”

A Republican caller on Tuesday told C-SPAN that single mothers were responsible for taking America back to the “caveman age.” Paul, a Vietnam veteran from Alaska, launched an attack on single mothers during C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, suggesting that liberals had relegated men to the role of sperm donors. “For example, girls, 40 percent of the women now are without husbands to support their children,” Paul said. “That’s regressive!” he exclaimed. “That’s going back to the caveman age where men just bred women. And so, progressivism is regressivism.” The caller also opined that President Donald Trump was like the Vietnam War because “he’s fighting the perception versus the reality.”

Asked to comment further on his “thesis” regarding single moms, Paul also argued that something must be done to prevent such behavior “immediately” or else we’re going to “go back to living like the Muslims in the Middle East, in caves and deserts with an animal-like hierarchy.” “This is something that’s very serious, just look at what’s going on there right now,” he continued. “No wonder you’ve got millions of refugees flooding Europe on their way to America. Thanks to modern technology, the internet and smartphones, they’re able to see the freedom we have here and the civilizational values of our society. However, everything here is at risk from the prevailing liberal mindset that the freedom of an individual outweighs social and traditional norms. That’s going to be the end of us.”

He also said, “We need to do something about this right away, we can’t wait. I mean, it shouldn’t be a problem; we’ve always been a proactive nation that doesn’t waste time. If there’s a need to get our hands dirty in order to get the job done, we suck it up and do it. Even back in ‘Nam, we’d follow orders and take out the gooks no questions asked. We didn’t care if they were actual VC or farmers with pitchforks; when the order came, we’d take care of business. Well, the time has come to fight a war on our own soil and ensure the survival of the very thing that makes this country great – our way of life. And in order to do that, we need to outlaw single motherhood by any means necessary, including the cruelest ones.”

“If they allow themselves to get pregnant after a one-night stand, single mothers-to-be need to be forced to carry their babies to term, after which the newborns should be taken and given away for adoption. We can’t afford to have any more single mothers, because they’re a plague and an evil far worse than any drug, foreign religion or politician. We need to get our families back together and we need to do it any way we can. If that means taking away the freedom of choice from an entire generation of corrupted young girls, so be it. It’ll be a temporary measure; while undoubtedly a cruel one, it will ensure the survival of the nuclear family as the single most important entity in the American society. I wouldn’t go so far as to set up concentration camps for those who oppose these new measures, of course, but we have to draw the line somewhere. I’m thinking a Gulag or two ought to rehabilitate those rowdy, rebellious girls and make them see the light,” he concluded.