Robertson: “If Caitlyn Jenner Is Featured On The $10 Bill, We Should Burn Every Single One”

“It is being touted as a big, historic change – the Treasury Department’s planned redesign of the $10 bill to include the image of a notable woman in U.S. history. And, apparently, voices can be heard saying that, given the adoration and notoriety (among liberals and progressives, at least) of the celebrity formerly known as Bruce, the change to the legal tender could recognize the change to the tender parts of “Caitlyn” Jenner, as well as to the national conversation about “trans” this-and-that his/her transformation has sparked.

“As USA Today reports, the image of a historical female figure in the American pantheon of women who made a difference will appear on the $10 bill in about five years. Obama’s Treasury Secretary, Jacob Lew, is not saying who will be prominently displayed on the paper currency instead of the etched likeness of Alexander Hamilton – that decision has reportedly not been made yet.

Pat Robertson, a media mogul and former Southern Baptist minister, however, called to “burning $10 bills should that abomination called Caitlyn Jenner ever be featured on them.”

Commenting on the idea that Jenner, a transgender and former U.S. Olympian, could soon be on the $10 bill representing a “notable woman in U.S. history,” Robertson said: “Oh sure, that’s a great idea. Instead of featuring famous American female scientists, philanthropists, and doctors, let’s put an idiot who wasn’t happy with himself and disfigured his body because of it on the money we use and let our kids look at every day. No, really, I think it’s a brilliant idea. In fact, at the rate we’re going, I don’t think putting Osama bin Laden on the $50 bill would be that bad, either.”

Asked whether he felt equality of the sexes would be a valid argument in favor of Jenner being on the bill, Robertson opined: Sure…while we’re at it, let’s also make a law that all men must chop off their cojones and all women need to cut off their breasts. Now, that’d be real equal, don’t you think?”

The 700 Club host also added: “Seriously now, if I live to see the day that – I don’t even know what to call him or her anymore – if I live to see the day that thing is on the $10 bill, I will personally write a petition to burn every single bill in America with that face on it. And when we all put that money on a huge pile and set it on fire, we can also lynch us some black people, put on K.K.K. hoodies on and start shooting up the place. That’d be real swell.”