Caitlyn Jenner: “As A Proud Republican Woman I’m Already Used To Getting Insults From Fox News”

“Fox News insensitively reported Caitlyn Jenner’s transition by using the wrong gender to describe the star and laughed as they discussed her Vanity Fair cover. The transgender star has begun living her life as a woman, but the US network still calls her “Bruce.” First, Fox Business anchor Neil Cavuto announced the news, before shouting: “What the hell is going on?!”

“His co-stars took a similarly lighthearted view of the news – following Caitlyn’s brave appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair – with Dagen McDowell using the wrong name and gender as she made fun of her. She joked that Caitlyn had made the announcement to best her “most famous-step-daughter, Kim Kardashian” after she revealed she is pregnant with her second child.

“Dagen said: “Bruce Jenner, let’s give him credit. He is the only person on planet Earth who knows how to one up his most famous step daughter, Kim Kardashian. She announces last night that she’s pregnant with a child. Well, you know what, I can do you one better than that. That’s how he unveiled his new identity, kind of leaving his male identity behind with Caitlyn.”

“Neil then went to pass over to another presenter Charles Payne, causing laughter in the studio when he called him Charlene Payne. This comes after former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell was blasted on Twitter for insisting he’ll still call her “Bruce.” Caitlyn appeared to address her critics in her ground-breaking Vanity Fair interview, proudly saying: “I’m not doing this to be interesting, I’m doing this to live.”

Asked by Newslo to comment on the insults that came from Fox News, Caitlyn Jenner stated that “the last thing I want to do is put myself under the spotlight more than I need to. But, what I’ve done is not something you see every day, and I guess everyone is bound to take some heat when they’re in uncharted waters.”

She added: “You know, the funny thing is, I’m a proud Republican woman and I’m already used to taking crap from narrow-minded idiots who call themselves reporters, especially ones associated to Fox News. But, this is my life and I have very thick skin, like most women, after all.”

On the other hand, a rep for Fox stated: “She’ll always be Bruce for us. As a matter of fact, we’ll be starting off a petition in the next few days to confiscate all of Bruce’s sports medals. They don’t belong to him, her or whatever you want to call it, anymore.”