Why Your Company Can’t Afford to Skip out on an Office 365 Backup

56.3% of businesses that use cloud services use Office 365. Even though many businesses use this service, not everyone has an Office 365 backup in case things go south.

While apps like 365 make a lot of sense for your business, you can’t get complacent because of the ease of access. While you can edit documents from various computers, collaborate with people around the world, and many other things, keep in mind that Microsoft does not guarantee complete backups.

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You Don’t Know Where Your Information Is

When you use cloud services, you don’t know exactly where your information is. Your information could be in a different country for all you know.

You might think your data is safe, but a disaster in another country knocks out all your data. Even if you ask where your data is stored, they won’t be able to tell you in most cases.

Regulated Industries Have Strict Backup Regulations

If you’re working in the health or legal field, you may have stronger backup regulations than people that aren’t in these industries. If you’re only depending on Office 365, you’re likely not compliant with these laws.

Outlook Won’t Back Up Your Emails More Than 30 Days

Outlook is the email client for Office 365 and if you delete emails, they will only back them up for 30 days. Since there is limited email storage, you might delete emails you would have otherwise wanted to save.

Not having important emails could get you into legal troubles, so make sure to back them up.

Hackers May Ransom Your Data

Businesses often find themselves at the mercy of a hacker. If your information isn’t backed up, and a hacker gets ahold of your data, they might ransom it.

If you don’t pay them, you won’t see your data again. Many of these hackers demand huge amounts of money for you to get your data back. Paying for separate backups can save you thousands of dollars since you won’t have to pay the ransom if you have backups.

Never Trust One Source

Only having your information on services like Office 365 is asking for problems. No matter how trustworthy the company you’re using is, there are still things that could happen, which will mean they won’t be able to help you.

Having IT support and professionals that can help you in case of a disaster will keep you safe and put your mind at ease.

Doing an Office 365 Backup

Now you know more about why you should do an Office 365 backup and you can keep your important information safe. There’s no reason to stress over documents that might be lost because you know what to do.

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