Career in Insurance- Online Courses and Opportunities

Insurance is a contract of being protected or covered against different dangers that can take a toll on either the assets or the individual’s life. It is more of a financial agreement binding two parties together to specific obligations and is hence called a Policy.

An insurance policy or coverage can well be used for covering several eventualities like theft, fire, automobile accident, and more.

Considering the large scale privatization, globalization, and liberalization of the world economy, the insurance industry has developed rapidly. It has successfully come up as one of the most favorite career options for the youngsters.

Not to forget, there are more and more individuals looking to opt for the PA life insurance exam just because they know that insurance agents, adjusters, actuaries, and even marketers are in huge demand these days.

Different Career Scopes in the Insurance Industry

The insurance firms generally deal in a couple of major areas viz, general insurance, and life insurance. Here, we will be having a look at the different agents working in the field.

Insurance Agents

Insurance agents generally get fixed commissions for the policies they sell. To be more specific, they do not have any payrolls of the agency they are working for. The aspiring agents need to take up proper training either from viable online sources or from their respective insurance companies to serve the field.

Once they complete their training, the agents can appear for an online insurance license examination and score good marks to serve as insurance agents in Pennsylvania.

Composite Agents

These are professionals in selling both general insurance and life insurance plans. They work as general insurance agents but should possess proper education and training in promoting different life insurance policies.

These agents can work as development officers in different insurance firms. They can even work as assistants to the development officers in insurance companies. While doing so, they can sell insurance policies, but the credit completely goes to the development officer.

However, the job of a composite agent is the same as that of a freelancer. The insurance firms even offer incentive schemes to these agents at regular intervals.

Insurance Surveyors

Loss adjusters, assessors, and surveyors are professionals who are technically qualified to perform the task of assessing losses. However, they require proper qualifications and a good experience for serving these positions. They generally work as consultants for the insurance companies.

Surveyors with mechanical engineering background assess all industrial accidents. They take up the task of investigating, evaluating, assessing, adjusting, and determining the liability while negotiating and submitting the final report.

A surveyor needs to have a diploma or a degree in architecture from any recognized institute or university. The assessor, loss adjuster, or surveyor is the one and the only specialized connection between the insured and the insurer.

Professional Insurance Courses and Training Programs

The professional insurance courses and training programs help aspiring individuals build several skills and gain knowledge that can help them in the long run. The skills and knowledge they gain are:

  • Ability to convince others, dedication, and presence of mind – These factors determine the quality and potential of the insurance agent or any other professional in this field.
  • Organizing logical approach, skill, perfect communication skills and fast grasping skills are other beneficial qualities for the officers and managers in the insurance industry.
  • The ones looking to serve as surveyors in the insurance industry should work on grasping excellent communication skills, which will be possible for them to grab by undergoing the right kind of training. They must even have the willingness to work outside their workplace during odd hours. The surveyors should have the ability to serve their clients as and when required, along with good skills in marketing or promoting insurance products. All this can easily be availed through proper training.
  • One of the most important skills that insurance agents can gain through top-quality professionals training is convincing prospective buyers. They must have a good business sense and should be willing to work with all kinds of customers.


Choosing the insurance sector as a career opportunity is not a bad decision provided you have the time and the willingness to put in good efforts. In-depth knowledge of the insurance sector and proper communication skills are of great importance.

People with the ability to communicate with all kinds of individuals and sell insurance products without difficulty can make it big. The difference lies in the fact that which insurance company you are choosing to work with. The reputation and the workshop proceedings, along with the company’s training provisions, will have a major impact on the way you take up and be successful in this career.