Carson: “God Is Behind My Presidential Run Despite Failing To Fight ISIS”

Recently on Daystar’s “Marcus and Joni,” Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson lashed out at critics who said that he would never have a chance to win the presidency. He said that instead of retiring, God opened the door for him to enter the presidential race “much to the consternation of all the professional class and all the pundits” who said it was “impossible” for a “political neophyte” like him to build a national campaign. “And yet, you see, it’s happening,” Carson said. “They don’t understand the power of God.”

Carson also said that “God is on my side and supports my presidency, which is something the American people has recognized, as demonstrated by results from a number of major polls.” Indeed, Carson has spiraled upwards to the very top of the Republican field, and is in close second place behind the current leader, real estate mogul Donald Trump.

“God is behind me and my intentions to make this country great once again,” he added. “Do not be mistaken, I prefer to let others speak of me, but I also believe that the official numbers on the polls have already shown the sentiments of Americans, as well as their priorities. They want a patriot who is educated, experienced and is not afraid to clash with those who aim to bring harm to the United States.”

The retired neurosurgeon also argued that God “is and will always be” behind every “Christian and righteous man” who aims to help others, “despite the fact that he failed to fight ISIS.”

“ISIS has gotten to a point where Russians had to step in and they are now doing the work we should be doing. But, as a Christian, I do not hold that against Him. I am aware that He’s got a lot on his plate and that it can be difficult to assist everyone everywhere all the time. That’s why I will handle ISIS for Him and in His name when I become President of the United States.”