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4 Main Reasons Why Many Traders Make a Loss

Trading can be extremely lucrative – but it is also risky. Many traders often end up making a loss rather than a profit, especially...

Arkansas Senator Threatens to Murder Someone, Won’t Say Who

“not smart to harass someone with a handgun, better be glad you decided to walk away”

Man Planning Golf Outing in Trumpistan

“The man’s worth eight billion dollars. Do you know how many commas are in that? Because I sure as hell don’t. And that’s how I know he’s qualified to be president.”

Obama visits VA hospital to check ‘wait times’ leaves 2 days later

President Barack Obama made a surprise visit to a VA Hospital in Arizona to check on care given to vets. What was supposed to...

New Study Links Coffee To Anti-Patriotism

After a total of 48 hours into the experiments 53 of the test subjects were vocalizing their angst and clearly held contempt towards America.

Obama Funds Anti-Bibi Campaign: “CIA Traditionally Took Care Of Dangerous Governments”

"I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the ride”

33 Amazing Things Congress Did This Year

"You can lead a man to Congress, but you can't make him think." - Milton Berle

10 Things Lebron James Demands Dan Gilbert Must Do To Get LeBron James Back

LeBron James has signaled his willingness to return, provided Gilbert meets his following demands……...