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Michelle Will Keep Her Wallet Locked This Black Friday: “I Love Shopping, But Not Even The 99% Discount Will Sway Me From The Boycott”

the first weekend after every Thanksgiving should be called “African American Friday”

Mitch McConnell On Obama: “Give The Man A Break, Sexual Abstinence Can Be Very Stressful”

“I really think that the first thing he should do after he steps down in 2016 is go to the nearest strip club”

Pope Agrees With Scientific Theory On Origin Of Universe; Also Admits To “Altar Boys Having A Particular Charm After All”

“I must admit that there is something special about a young altar boy wearing a robe”

Gene Simmons Ambushed By Feminists After An Interview

“After giving an interview to Fox News Channel, he was ambushed on the parking lot by a dozen angry feminists”

Michele Bachmann Meme of the Day

BONUS: “I just take the Bible for what it is, I guess, and recognize that I am not a scientist, not trained to be a...

Boehner Tan Meme

WASHINGTON — After a day of emotional hearings on the Benghazi Embassy attacks of 2012, Republican legislators yesterday decried the Obama State Department for...