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Rep. Tom Reed Suggests Increasing Military Budget “So The Poor Can Feel Safe And Stop Stealing Our Money For Their Health”

“Donald Trump is trying to help America, only unlike Barack Obama, he actually cares about what happens to all of its citizens and not just the poor”

Giuliani: “10% Of Our Black Population Is Jailed And Soon 100% Of Our Former Black President Will Join Them”

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani will say pretty much anything to try and discredit Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. His latest attack...

Franklin Graham: “NY Bombing Is God’s Way Of Intervening Just In Time To Save America From Hillary”

Evangelist Franklin Graham responded to explosions in New York City and New Jersey and a stabbing incident at a Minnesota mall, saying the next...

Ted Cruz’s Yiddish Ad Calls To Vote For Him Because His “Meshugene Tuches Was Chosen By Jesus”

Both Republican and Democratic candidates have been courting Jewish voters ahead of Tuesday’s New York primary vote, looking for an edge in competitive districts...

De Blasio Announces White House Bid; Clinton, Republicans Struggle to Respond

Donald Trump told Fox & Friends this morning that if elected, de Blasio will turn the country into “one big marijuana village with no police force.”

Mayim Bialik Spends Holiday With Ex: “The Meaning Of Jewish Passover Really Is To Suffer For Your Kids”

“Part of being a good parent is putting your children’s needs and wishes before your own”

Rudi Giuliani: “For Obama, America Is The Same As Michelle – No Love, But No Other Option”

I can think of 6,999,999,999 people on this planet who could do a better job as President

Police Chief: “I Shot My Wife In My Sleep, Dreamed She Was Bill De Blasio”

“I could have sworn I was in New York City and was on my way to meet that prick of a mayor”