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Obama’s Former Reverend: “Jesus Was A Palestinian Killed By Jews”

“He was the son of God, and they murdered him in a vicious way”

Trump Suggests “Building A Wall On The Israel-Iran Border”

"Washington, D.C. – It didn’t take long for Donald Trump’s surging presidential campaign to drag his fellow Republican rivals further to the right. Wisconsin...

After First GOP Debate, No Changes In The Polls; 24% Still Prefer Netanyahu

His “relentlesness” and “solid integrity” are the qualities that make him a desirable candidate for U.S. President

Jeb Bush: “Obama Allowed Creation Of ISIS To Counteract Israel In The Middle East”

“He’s essentially allowed the snakes back into the snake pit”

Romney: “Before Iran Recognizes ‘Israel’s Right To Exist,’ We Need Obama To Do So”

“To do otherwise is to disrespect the United States”

Both GOP And Obama Assured Of Victory In 2015 Israeli Election

“Instead of focusing on Netanyahu, the world should be observing the Israeli election as a vote for either the GOP or Obama”

Chris Wallace: “Democrats Already Lost 2016, Now It’s Time For Revenge On Bibi”

“For some reason, the Israeli Prime Minister continues to believe the ‘altruistic’ motives of the US and that will be his downfall”