Palin & Nugent Visit White House, Tweet “The Real IQ Behind The Government”

“What’s more, I know for a fact that Ted is currently working on a new rock-style national anthem geared towards true Americans, not these imported ones. Donald is going to love it”

Palin: “I Won’t Bash Meryl’s Hate Speech Because We’re Cousins, But Everybody Knows Which One Of Us Is The Prettiest And Smartest In The...

Donald Trump was quick to jump on Meryl Streep after the actress spoke out against him during her Golden Globes acceptance speech, and now...

Union Of Alaskan Prostitutes Announces 50% Discount For Republicans With “Whore On Xmas” Coupon Code

“We simply want to help Republicans relieve all that stress. Our girls are very talented, drop-dead gorgeous and more than willing to take some of the load, if you know what I mean”

Arpaio Reveals 5yo Birther Investigation Results: “Since McCain Is Too Old, Sarah Palin Is Our Legitimate President”

“Who else did you expect us to call, Hillary Clinton? The woman lost miserably to Obama back then, and to Donald Trump again this November. She doesn’t seem to want to except the huge ‘NO’ Americans keep throwing in her face”

Sarah Palin Calls To Boycott Mall Of America Because “Santa Was Always White In The Bible”

“Next thing we know, we’re going to be having Arab Santa Clauses that are going to be teaching our kids how to make IEDs out of Christmas lights”

Walker: “Replacing A Black Disaster With A White One With A Smaller Brain Doesn’t Change Anything”

One of the strangest things about Republicans campaigning this year is that they keep talking about President Barack Obama like he’s another Jimmy Carter...

Palin: “You Can See From Trump’s Picture That He Is A Good, Family Guy And Not A Groper”

The last remaining question about the recent presidential debate was whether former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin would post a factually challenged defense of Donald...

Palin: “My Appearance Proves I’m Ready To Replace Yellen Under Trump”

Former Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin was a contestant on ABC’s Match Game Monday night and drew a positive reaction from the show’s left-leaning...