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Adam Silver: “White Men Can’t What?!”

“Well, maybe white people can’t jump, but Jews can sure dunk”

Oscar Pistorius Admits To Killing Girlfriend Accidentally Because Of A Foot Fetish

I just couldn’t help myself, I was into feet for as long as I can remember

Miami Heat Brought on By LeBron James Hostage Demands

Fans would think that this is enough "blackmail" demands even for a superstar like LeBron

Leafs Losing Revealed to be Rigged

CANADA- The famous failure of the Toronto Maple Leafs has been revealed to be a dirty game.

NFL Player Earns 15-Yard ‘Unchristian-like Conduct’ Penalty on Monday Night Football

Rule 12, Section 3, Article 1 (d) which states, “Players are prohibited from engaging in any celebrations or demonstrations while on the ground unless they are specifically Christian in nature.”

GOP Rep.: ‘ISIS Will Force the NFL to Play in Burqas If We Don’t Act’

While ISIS has not specifically threatened to dress NFL players in Islamic garb during their violent messages to America, Mr. Poe sees redecorating the NFL as “ISIS’s most obvious next move.”

NFL to Suspend Ray Rice Until This All Blows Over

“Therefore the Commissioner has informed Mr. Rice that he is suspended indefinitely, at least until another player makes an even worse mistake and the public loses interest in his case.”

Ravens Unveil Statue of Ray Lewis Wearing Missing White Suit From 2000 Murders

“God is great,” Lewis concluded, wiping tears from his eyes.