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Trump’s Lawyer Said President Made A Mistake By Firing Comey Because “As The Commander In Chief, He Could Arrested And Jailed Him Forever”

President Trump’s personal lawyer offered a contradictory and partially inaccurate defense of his client after James Comey’s testimony on Thursday, accusing the former FBI director of lying under oath before Congress and suggesting he should be criminally investigated for sharing memos he drafted about his private conversations with Trump. Mark Kasowitz, a Manhattan-based corporate attorney […]


White House Admits Trump “Considering” Nugent’s Suggestion To “Force Every American To Take Pig Capsules As Response To Today’s UK Terror Attacks”

In the Islamic religion, pork and pork products are forbidden because the pig is considered an impure animal. Ted Nugent wrote in a Facebook post: “…The ironical part is that when a suicide bomber blows himself up his body parts are impregnated with gelatin and glycerin from the explosive. Both gelatin and glycerin are manufactured […]