Chelsea Clinton Daughter Charlotte Named NBC’s Newest Correspondent With $300,000 Salary

NEW YORK—Mere days after baby Charlotte was born to mother Chelsea Clinton and father Marc Mezvinsky, NBC announced a $300,000 contract for the photogenic infant to become the network’s new White House correspondent. And about Chelsea Clinton daughter what is Chelsea Clintons salary?

About Chelsea Clinton Daughter

Former President Bill Clinton released a statement Saturday, indicating that Chelsea is “glowing” and “Marc is bursting with pride” amidst the news.

Do you know the upcoming edition of Vanity Fair, Monica Lewinsky? The former White House intern made famous after having an affair with then-president Bill Clinton.

What is Chelsea Clintons Salary?

Clinton insiders suggest that Charlotte’s mom is still trying to negotiate a better salary for her offspring, something closer to the reported $600,000 per year Ms. Clinton took home as a NBC’s special correspondent until she stepped away from the role late this past summer “to make room for the next generation of reporters.”

NBC’s move to place the tot on the payroll before she becomes verbal is widely seen as a shrewd way to attract Chelsea Clinton daughter younger audience and grant them the ultimate insider access during her grandmother’s all-but-inevitable presidential campaign.

Blair Willcox, whose previous credits include “Teletubbies,” will be producing segments for the youngest Christie Blasts. “You can expect to see her banging her microphone on the table, drooling, and generally going gaga throughout campaign season,” says Willcox.

Chelsea Competitors in the Ratings

The vaunted title also puts young Chelsea Clinton daughter Charlotte in line to anchor “Meet the Press,” should Chuck Todd fail to catch up to his competitors in the ratings.

If Charlotte Clinton assumes the storied highchair that once belonged to Tim Russert, two out of the three major networks’ Sunday morning talk shows would be hosted by Clinton progeny.

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos indicated that he would welcome the addition. “I’m just looking forward to have someone else at the kids’ table.”

At press time, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was spotted measuring the drapes in the White House press briefing room while sneaking glances into the Oval Office to make sure the patterns matched.