Bravo to Air Chelsea Clinton Reality Show Starting Next Week

NEW YORK – Mere minutes after Chelsea Clinton announced her pregnancy at a forum hosted by the Lower Eastside Girls Club, Bravo TV revealed it had acquired the rights to a series documenting the former first daughter’s road to motherhood.  The show is set to join a long line of quality reality television programs including “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” “Rich Kids of Beverley Hills,” and fan favorite, “Snoop Dog’s Father Hood.”

The series will follow the exploits of Chelsea Clinton along with her husband Marc Mezinsky, a hedge-fund manager. The network confirmed that Chelsea’s parents, former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State and 2016 presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton will certainly be making cameo appearances.

The network claimed that Mezinsky’s parents, two former members of Congress, “might show up too or something–who cares?”

“This isn’t just gonna be a weekly stop and chat. As we speak, we’re setting up cameras and microphones in Chelsea’s kitchen, her bedroom, and her shower. We’re talking an all-access pass to the birth canal of the former president’s daughter,” a Bravo executive announced as Hillary Clinton beamed proudly from the stage.

While a spokesperson for the younger Clinton and Mezvinsky declined to answer questions about the due date, how long the couple knew about the pregnancy, and why they chose to make the announcement at the Girls Club event, she did mention the child is due this fall and that the TV show will run Thursday nights at 9 p.m. EST (with a special, three-hour Fourth of July Clinton-tacular).

She offered a few additional tidbits. Next week’s premiere will feature Bill Clinton going on a hilarious run to Babies R’ Us. Once Chelsea gives birth, a crossover episode in which Kardashian child North West and the Clinton baby go on play dates is likely.

Though there is no confirmed title yet, an industry insider claims Bravo has narrowed it down to “Crowning Around With Chelsea Clinton,” “Chelsea Clinton’s State of the Uterus,” and “Bill Clinton’s Daughter Is Pregnant You Guys”.

Reception to Bravo’s big announcement from the television viewing public has been largely positive.  “The Clintons are the closest thing we have to a royal family,” said Samantha Strutton a Clinton voter and frequent Bravo viewer. “These are folks that the American people have been behind since day one. The nation deserves to be there, at least symbolically, as Chelsea receives her first sonogram, as she grapples with morning sickness and mood swings, and most importantly we should be able to crowd around her in the emergency room as she finally pushes the baby out into the world. Anything less just wouldn’t be respectful.”

According to Bravo’s formal press release, a 24/7 live feed of Chelsea’s womb is set to launch immediately after the series premiere at