2016 Likely To See Hillary Run: “I Was Asked To Wait Until 2020, But That’s When Chelsea Plans To Run”

“Washington, D.C. – The former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is keeping quiet about whether she plans to run in the 2016 presidential election; many have been hearing different dates about when she’ll actually announce her run.

“Members of the Democratic Party who want to be, have been or are close the former Secretary of State seem to be willing to talk about the matter, regardless of the fact that a very small number of people, other than Hillary herself, are actually familiar with whatever’s going on in her mind right now.

“Some have turned to her past ways as a source of information: back in her 2008 run, Hillary made the announcement in January 2007. That has led many Democrats to believe that she might do the same when it comes to the 2016 run.

“At last month’s Ready for Hillary strategy session in New York, one former Clinton aide said: “If she hasn’t said no by January, it will be a sign she is running.”

However, in a recent interview, the former Secretary of State clearly said that she will, indeed, run in 2016; she also added an interesting reason for such a decision.

“I’ve really thought long and hard about it, since it’s not the kind of decision you’d be wise to make overnight. I’ve even had many people asking me to hold on and wait for 2020; above all things, I am not a patient woman and I won’t sit idly by as my country becomes more and more challenged by the rest of the world. But mostly, one of the main reasons why I’ve chosen to run on the next election and not the one in 2020 is the fact that Chelsea will most probably take my place as a presidential candidate at the latter”, Clinton stated, to the surprise of everybody in the room.

“To be the first woman president of the United States has long been my dream, but the dreams of the parents mean nothing compared to the dreams of their children. And if my Chelsea were to succeed where I had once already failed, nothing would make me feel more proud”, she concluded with tears in her eyes.

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