Children and Smartphones. How the Connection is Affecting Kids

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Today’s kids are no strangers to smartphones: The average child gets her own smartphone or mobile phone at the age of 11, but they start using these devices muc
h earlier than that. Children as young as 2 are spending at least 10 minutes a day interacting with a parent’s or sibling’s device.

By the time they reach their teenage years, kids spend more than three hours a day on their phones. Twice as many of them say they would give up TV before they’d give up their phone. Don’t worry, parents! Kids use their phones for more than just fun and entertainment. Kids from ages 2 to 10 spend more than one-third of their time on educational media and play at least one educational game every week.

The marketplace is exploding with apps and content directed at kids, from games that teach math skills to educational videos that help build vocabulary. Smartphone makers are responding to this growing trend by giving parents the tools to monitor and guide kids’ smartphone use. For example, new smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S6 come with a Kids Mode, a passcode-protected feature that locks away adult apps, leaving kids with a safe space to play and explore. When used on a trustworthy network, parents can rest assured their phones are kid-friendly.

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