Chinese President Promises To Inform State Department Of Future Hackings

Beijing, China – During the APEC summit in the Chinese capital, many things have been openly said between the US and Chinese President, just like many more have remained untold. However, one particularly interesting statement of Mr. Xi Jinping was interpreted by the US media as “a friendly act of good faith.”

Namely, the fact that “the latest model of the Chinese stealth fighter, the J-31, was tested during the summit goes to show how rude and impolite the Chinese actually are.

“The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the flagship of the US avionics industry, is the aircraft that had the greatest input in developing the new Chinese jet fighter. Chinese hackers obtained top secret information about the US jet by performing cyber-attacks against a subcontractor for Lockheed Martin. The very first stealth jet designed by China, the J-20, has shown incredibly similar technology to the one in the US F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, and it’s the same with the J-31.

“This is the perfect example of how much China has profited from hacking US top secrets, and President Obama has even openly called China to halt its cyber-attacks.

The Chinese President, Xi Jinping, was at first very amused by President Obama’s open display of discontent, and only started acting like a diplomat after his initial reaction.

After initially refusing to answer US press members’ question at the press conference, Jinping responded to President Obama’s plea by stating that “he cannot promise to halt the cyber-attacks, because he does not control every single one of the hundreds of millions of hackers in China.” He did state, however, that he will do the next best thing, in the interest of further improving the bilateral relationship of the two countries.

“To show the American people that there are no hard feelings among us, I will do my best to warn the US State Department the next time a plan to hack confidential US information is put into motion. That’s the best I can do, since you must understand that I too answer to a higher power. Hopefully, that will help make you feel like you have a choice”, Jinping added, while smiling and looking directly at President Obama’s eyes.