Christie 1:0 Bestiality: “Can’t Eat A Steak And Think About Who It Slept With At The Same Time”

Republican Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie officially made bestiality a crime in the state of New Jersey after signing the measure on Monday. The measure went immediately into effect and that left around 10 states in the country that have no law against bestiality whatsoever. Anyone who violates the measure is looking at a fine of up to $10,000 combined with up to 18 months of prison time. However, if the violator is found to have had a prior animal cruelty conviction, or if the animal is seriously injured or dies because of the act, tougher penalties could be imposed.

There have been several cases that were prosecuted under the state’s animal cruelty statutes by law enforcement authorities. However, in 2009, when a former Moorestown police officer was accused of sexually molesting cows, the animal cruelty charges were dropped due to the fact that prosecutors could not prove the animals were harmed.

Christie told media outlets that his personal affinity for steaks had a lot to do with his signing of the historic measure. “You know, for a big eater such as myself, there is nothing like a good, bloody steak and a cold bear after it. And there’s nothing strange about that, men love to eat meat and that’s a fact.”

“However, when you start thinking about the whole process of getting from a cow to a steak, you imminently also start to think about everything and anything that might or might not have happened to the particular cow you are about to eat. And then a scary and disgusting thought dawns onto you: ‘What if someone has fornicated with this cow, with this meat I am about to put in my mouth?’ Let me tell you, that’s not a pleasant thought,” he added.

The governor of New Jersey also stated: “You immediately lose your appetite after the thought of that. And there’s no damage if you stop and consider this: I’m a grown, educated man who is able to think and be careful of such things. But then I thought, ‘Fine, I can protect myself, but who’s going to stop this same thing from happening to millions of small, innocent kids across our great nation?’ And then I realized – it’s up to me to protect them. So, I figured, if God doesn’t get those cattle-raping perverts when they die, I’ll get them while they’re alive.”

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