Christie Blasts Romney for Endorsing Him

TRENTON, N.J. – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie today lashed out at failed presidential candidate and former-Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, who recently expressed support for a Christie presidential run. Christie told reporters that he’d rather “move to New York” than accept an endorsement from “someone who lost the election to a black guy in the middle of a recession.”

According to sources close to Christie, many of the governor’s advisors believe that a Romney endorsement could irreparably damage Christie’s chances at winning the White House. “There’s probably never been a candidate who’s lost so badly after being given every advantage,” one source said. “Let’s face it: The guy’s one of the most astounding losers in American history, and nobody wants that rep to stick onto Governor Christie.”

On last Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” Romney, in a rare interview with NBC’s David Gregory, said that Christie could easily become the GOP’s nominee for president in 2016 and that he might very well “save” the Republican Party. Christie—who has not announced a candidacy—responded by thanking Mr. Romney for the kind words, but requested that he stop saying them immediately.

“I have a great amount of respect for Mitt Romney,” Christie told reporters. “Like me, he understands how hard it is to be a Republican governor in a deeply blue Northeast state. But the guy is presidential poison, and I’d prefer it he stay the hell away from me until at least 2021.”

“Really, I’d rather he not even speak my name,” Christie added. “I’m not saying that Mitt Romney is a bad luck charm, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Christie’s statements have further weakened the two governors’ already-strained relationship. According to a new book, the 2012 Romney campaign considered inviting Christie to run for vice president on Romney’s ticket, but, concerned about his weight and “tardiness,” decided against it. The book even alleges that Romney poked fun at Christie’s obesity, mocking the Governor’s large waistline.

On Monday, Christie promised that he would forgive Romney’s “callous behavior, as long as Mitt publicly states that he will back Hilary Clinton for president in 2016.”

“I heard Hillary endorses a healthcare-reform plan that’s very similar to the one Mitt passed in Massachusetts,” Christie said. “I think they’re a match made in heaven.”

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