Hillary To Bill: “Keep Your Cigar In Your Pants”

“New York City, NY – Former President Bill Clinton seems to have gone back to his old ways. Recently, a picture which features Slick Willie standing next to the wife and daughter of New York City grocery magnate John Catsimatidis, the owner and CEO of Gristedes Foods, the largest grocery chain in Manhattan, has gone viral.

“The image ran wild across social media, and for whatever reason, the wife was cropped out in some of the retweets.
“Western Journalism said “it was at a recent function with the Catsimatidis family that the buzz-building photo was apparently taken, with the former president assuming a “familiar” pose that brought out the Twitter snark hounds.”

“The photo was actually taken at an event Tuesday night at Manhattan’s Rainbow Room, where Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton thanked 86 Clinton Foundation founders for raising $241 million.

“Additionally, the media frenzy was only amplified by the fact that, according to multiple media accounts, the young woman in the Bill Clinton photo, Andrea Catsimatidis, filed for divorce this week from husband Christopher Cox, President Richard Nixon’s grandson.

Former President Clinton’s apparent infatuation with Andrea Catsimatidis didn’t go unnoticed, either. A source from the Clinton family security detail told Newslo: “it’s interesting that Hillary didn’t react immediately, at the moment when the picture was taken. She only became worried several days later, when the picture became popular on social networks. I guess that must’ve heated up her suspicions in her husband.

The source, who requested anonymity, also said: “honestly speaking, I completely understand Hillary. I mean, she gave birth to their child, and then she was humiliated in front of the whole world when he fooled around with Monica (Lewinski). It makes perfect sense that she’s scarred for life and that she’ll never stop suspecting her husband. In fact, at one point during their trip back from the event, a couple of us overheard her threatening Bill, saying “you better keep your cigar in your pants this time”. If I were him, I’d definitely listen to her.”

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