Clinton Sent Her Book To All GOP Candidates Except Trump Because She’s “Not Sure He Can Understand”

“Muscatine, Iowa – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton revealed on Tuesday that she sent most of her Republican rivals a copy of her book Hard Choices so they can learn about her accomplishments as secretary of state. “I have now sent each of them a copy of my book, Hard Choices,” Clinton said as the audience erupted in laughter. “You know, there were so many of them that they could have a book club.”

“Clinton and her staff came up with the idea shortly after the second Republican debate last month. The books were sent to every Republican presidential candidate, except Donald Trump. According to a Clinton aide, Trump was not included because he was too stupid to understand the intricate meaning of the book. “Along with each book, Clinton sent a personalized letter.

“I understand that you and your fellow Republican candidates for president were questioning my record of accomplishment at your last debate, so I thought you might enjoy reading my book,” the letter read. Hard Choices was published in 2014, following Clinton’s four-year term as secretary of state.

Commenting exclusively for Newslo on why Donald Trump was not included in the list of the book’s recipients, the former secretary of state said that she “wasn’t sure whether Mr. Trump possessed the mental capacity to grasp everything depicted in the book, as the storyline encapsulates personal choices that were extremely difficult to make and consequentially, live with.”

“I just don’t think he’d understand what I wanted to say,” Clinton simplified her words. “I realize that he is a powerful and rich businessman, but if you bothered to listen to more than one of his speeches, you’d realize that he keeps spinning the same phrases and points over and over. He’s going to build a wall, he’s going to create jobs, he’s going to get revenge on China and most importantly, he’s going to do it all within a year or so from becoming president. Does any normal human being actually believe such things are possible in such a short period of time?”

She continued: “I realize he is currently leading the polls, but that has nothing to do with his political prowess or his experience. He is simply telling people what they want to hear, without actually backing his words up with anything concrete. Every word that comes out of his mouth no matter where he pronounces it is bitter, angry and idiotic, which leads me to believe that his brain hasn’t reached full development yet; he sounds as though he’s stuck at the mental level of a rebellious, hormonal teenage girl.”

“And speaking of his so-called business and negotiation skills,” Clinton added, “I’m inclined to believe that it is nothing more than just luck. He is not an intelligent man and the only reason why he’s a billionaire is because luck would have it that he should emerge because of his idiotic persistence. The fact that he’s a racist, misogynist, and speaks very derogatory of women is just an added bonus to his disgusting personality. If he becomes president by some miracle, we’re looking at a world war almost instantly – that’s how diplomatic his negotiation skills can be.”