CNN’s Martin Savidge Sent to Raft in Middle of Indian Ocean to Cover Missing Flight MH370

ATLANTA, Ga. – CNN announced today that anchor and correspondent Martin Savidge would be sent to a raft in the middle of the Indian Ocean to continue the network’s coverage of missing flight MH370. “Savidge is one of our best,” says the CNN press release, “whether he’s reporting on Alabama school bus hostages, missing girls in Cleveland, or the George Zimmerman trial, Savidge puts an accessible and trustworthy face on every news story.

“Which is one reason why we’re putting him on a raft and sending him out to sea.”

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing on March 8 of this year. The mystery was well covered by CNN and other news outlets. As of yet, the search has been fruitless. Over the weekend, the Independent reported that Malaysian investigators have named pilot Zaharie Shah as the chief suspect in the disappearance, while Australia has announced that they are widening their search area.

CNN’s press release stated no official end date to Savidge’s correspondence from the Indian Ocean, only stating that he will be on the raft until “all of our questions have been answered, or at least until Martin expires from dehydration.”