Coca-Cola To Sue The ChristianPost For Claiming That “There Are Baby Body Parts” Inside Its Beverages

“Three major American corporations have told the nation’s largest abortion provider that they no longer want to be listed as corporate sponsors after two recent viral videos purport to show representatives of Planned Parenthood discussing the sale of baby body parts. Officials from Xerox, Ford Motor Co. and Coca-Cola have told The Daily Signal, a news site founded by the conservative Heritage Foundation, that they have asked the abortion giant to remove their companies’ names from the abortion provider’s list of corporate donors.

“The move comes after the Daily Signal posted the names of Planned Parenthood’s 41 corporate sponsors – a list that is no longer available on the Planned Parenthood website – following the controversy surrounding the recently released undercover videos by Center for Medical Progress.

It would seem that The Christian Post, an Evangelical nondenominational newspaper, also joined the unofficial campaign against Planned Parenthood and its corporate sponsors. An article was recently featured in the Washington, D.C.-based newspaper that focused on alleged insider information from a Coca-Cola bottling factory saying that there are “baby body parts inside 92% of every Coca-Cola bottle currently on the market across the United States.”

The article, however, did not specify the alleged insider source that leaked the information, nor did it disclose which particular Coca-Cola bottling plant the information is believed to have come from. What the flammable text did do, on the other hand, is raise a firestorm across social media that is still not showing signs of quieting down.

In response, the Coca-Cola Corporation has announced it is planning to take legal action against The Christian Post for “damaging the stellar reputation of one of the oldest and most trustworthy companies in the world today.”

Coca-Cola issued a statement which read: “The allegations made by The Christian Post newspaper that a high percentage of Coca-Cola bottles contain traces of baby body parts inside them is a preposterous and blatant lie. The Coca-Cola Company has been in the business of making refreshing beverages for more than a century and did not become what it is today by putting harmful substances in its products. Okay, okay – we might have experienced with cocaine and several cancerogenic substances for the sake of flavor, but never body parts, even though we were put up to it on several occasions. And for these highly damaging accusations, we aim to sue The Christian Post down to the last Facebook Like. They don’t know who they’re fu**ing with.”