Colorado Dispensary to Sponsor College Football “Smoke-A-Bowl”

DENVER — With college bowl season just around the corner, the High & Mighty Marijuana Dispensary of Denver, Colorado, has submitted a last-minute request to host the Smoke-A-Bowl.

The bowl will showcase the NCAA’s two least talented teams in the country. Like all bowl games, a well-developed system will be used to calculate the two teams vying for the first title of “Smoke-A-Bowl Champions.”

“There’s a bowl for just about everything these days: chips, mac & cheese, and even compasses,” Executive Director Bill Berger said. “We figured we’d make the state of Colorado proud and toss ourselves in the mix, you know, blaze another trail.”

Yards lost, sacks, penalty yards acquired and interceptions are a few factors that will go into selecting the participants.

There has been a bit of concern about a bowl sponsorship from a banned substance. Studies have indicated, however, that marijuana has no positive affects on sports performance. In fact, clinicians say the drug increases sluggishness, hinders perceptual accuracy and slows reaction time.