Comfortable Living Destination in Chennai and Madurai

Chennai- the Capital of Tamil Nadu

Chennai, erstwhile Madras is the capital of Tamilnadu, one of the most notable states of India, particularly South India. Situated along the Coromandel Coast of Bay of Bengal, it has flourished as one of the most enriched cultural, social and educational centres of South India. The city boasts of its relics, monuments, temples that bear testimony of its ancestry. Chennai is also known for its famous educational institutions and the super speciality hospitals, equipped with the state of the art facilities.

Chennai, therefore, exhibits an amalgamation of antiquity and modernity. With the progress of time, the city doesn’t forget to modify itself and embrace the nuances of modern developments under its folds. The city is well connected by rail, road and sea with the other states of the country. Naturally, the industry houses have thronged to the city for setting up their wings, aiming for expansion. Every year, hundreds and thousands of people relocate themselves in Chennai for job purposes, education and treatment in some of its world class hospitals. Consequently, the real estate business is thriving in Chennai.

Madurai- the Cultural Capital of Tamil Nadu

Madurai is one of the oldest cities of Tamil Nadu. Situated on the bank of the river Vaigai, it is known to be the cultural capital of the state and the third most populated city.Madurai is also famous for its temples, educational institutes and rich culture. It also enjoys a good connectivity with the other cities of the state and hosts various chemical, rubber, automobile and granite manufacturing industries. With these facilities in abundance, Madurai has become one of the most sought after destinationsfor business and industries and no doubt, people from all over the state are shifting to Madurai for a better living.

Real Estate in Chennaiand Madurai

  • Since the real estate business is booming in Chennai, people can find suitable houses on rent for themselves from a plethora of options. Some of the popular localities of Chennai are Boat Club, Poes Garden, East Coast Road, Nungambakkam, Velachery, Adyar, Gopalapuram, OMR, Besant Nagar etc. It is worth mentioning here, that while looking for house for rent in Chennai , people must check the locality so that they can reach their work places, schools or colleges quickly. This would save both time and energy.
  • Again some of the famous localities in Madurai are: Chinna Chokkikulam, K. K. Nagar,Lourdhu Nagar, Natham, Kodikulam, Melur, Mahalakshmi Nagar, etc. These localities are well developed and populated. So, people who have shifted their base here can search for the house for rent in Madurai in these localities.
  • In both Chennai and Madurai, 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK are flats and houses are available in plenty for rent. But before starting the house hunting project the tenants must keep certain things in mind. They must consider the location of the house, their requirement and the budget. Again the houses are oftenfitted with furniture. These are either fully furnished or semi furnished. So, the tenantsare advised to consider this fact too before zeroing on a house of their choice. Since, the rent of the furniture will be added to the rent of the house.

Things to Verify Before Renting a Flat

  • It is said that the flats facing south and south east are the best to live in. These houses or flats are full of air and light. So before renting a flat, the prospective tenants must pay a heed to this fact along with the area of the flats. The rent of a house or flat depends upon the area it covers.
  • After selecting a house for rent in Chennai or a house for rent in Madurai, the prospective tenants must meet the landlord and go through the rental deeds very carefully. If they have any doubt or find anything unclear in the deed, they must clarify it with the landlord. They may also take help of the legal persons.
  • The tenants must adhere by the payment modes too and should pay the rent on time.
  • Besides, they must check the condition of the walls, windows, doors, bathrooms and the fittings, lights, electric wires, and the balcony (if any). If there is any damage anywhere, they must point out that too.
  • They also made it clear about the repairing norms, whether they have to bear the repairing and damage charges in future.
  • It is advisable to check the water supply and drainage system of the house or flat to be rented. Often people forget to check the water supply and the condition of the faucets (if there is any leakage) and face problems after settling down in the new flat or house.
  • If the house for rent in Chennai or house for rent in Madurai is located in a complex or society, the prospective tenants must go through the common rules of that housing complex and abide by that. If they miss out or overlook this fact, they may encounter an untoward situation in future. So it is better to clarify all these issues before starting to live in a rented flat or house.
  • The rent of 1BHK independent semi furnished house in Chennai starts from Rs. 7,000. Again, the rent of 2BHK independent, semi furnished house begins from Rs. 14,000. The rent of the houses solely depends on its condition, area in sqft and locality.
  • Similarly, the rent of 1BHK independent, unfurnished house in Madurai is approximately Rs. 6000, while the same for 2BHK independent, unfurnished house begins from Rs. 7000.

However, to get a house on rent is not an easy task. The tenants must be very careful in making the final decision. There are plenty of broking agents located in Chennai and Madurai, who offer plethora of options to their clients and provide all sorts of assistance by making the final deeds between the tenant and the landlord. Those who are new in these two places are always advised to take help of these broking agents to make their house renting experience smooth and hassle free.