Learn about Some Common Instagram Mistakes that Fashion Brands Must Avoid in 2019 & Beyond

Ever since its inception, Instagram has provided brands and businesses the golden opportunity to effectively connect and engage with their target audience and convey their message or story utilizing the power of images or visuals. Instagram has been gaining a lot of traction over the last few years and has gained incredible popularity with over 1 billion monthly active users on the platform. Instagram has witnessed impressive growth. Moreover, users are intensely engaged with this vibrant and versatile platform. Every day 50 percent of the total users would be using the app and spending almost 21 minutes on an average on the platform. Top fashion brands are realizing the immense potential presented by Instagram to them. Most of the global fashion brands are on Instagram and are doing pretty well. However, they do make some Instagram mistakes from time to time that need to be avoided.

Mistake: Not Utilizing Optimized Pictures

As per social media guideline, Instagram is your ultimate destination as a fashion brand because you could be selling your brand via your high-resolution stunning pictures. You must necessarily make your visual content fundamental to your campaigns. Hence, it makes absolute sense to devote genuine efforts. You must focus on paying 100% attention to even the minutest details relating to the quality of your Instagram content.

You must always use high-resolution pictures and avoid using poor hazy images. Avoid clicking photos in poorly-lit spaces or rooms as that could be resulting in blurry and dark pictures. You must follow the tips discussed below for boosting the quality of your visual content.

  • Experts recommend that you use a photo of size 1080px x 1080px however; the square image must be uploaded at its maximum resolution of 2048px x 2048px. The preferred dimensions for landscape photos are 1080pxx 566px. You may consider using a relatively smaller size like 600px x 400px.
  • It is a good idea to click pictures with your phone camera instead of using the Instagram camera. 
  • You may consider fine-tuning and sharpening your pictures by utilizing photo editing features and software such as Adobe Lightroom, Snapseed or Adobe Photoshop.
  • Go on experimenting with horizontal, vertical, and even square resolutions.
  • Consider making the most of Instagram’s competent editing features for giving your photo the final touches. 

Mistake: Avoiding or Ignoring Hashtags Altogether

Your fashion brand cannot reach heights of glory on Instagram without effective use of the choicest hashtags associated with the world of fashion. You need to realize that hashtags are known for driving incredible traffic for brands organically. People often go to Instagram looking for inspiration for their next purchase or to find out what other people have been doing at their events. The most amazing thing about hashtags is simply that people could find you and your project easily even after a campaign seems to be over via the hashtags.

Hashtags are instrumental in building your brand image around a particular campaign, launch, or event. They assist in centralizing all the conversations that are taking place. You could use technology tools to monitor with all these specialized keywords for measuring the effect of all your actions on Instagram. If you are thinking of coming up with an evergreen post that would ensure visibility forever, you must necessarily include key hashtags while publishing content. You could get in touch with experts at any reputed digital marketing company for availing 10 free Instagram likes trial.

Mistake: Posting Irregularly

If you wish that your fashion brand would be followed on a long-term basis, you must chalk out an effective long-term posting stratagem. Do not get into the bad habit of posting erratically. You must be consistent in your approach only then would your fans or followers know precisely what to expect. Your followers would be fed up if you are inconsistent in your approach and they would consider ditching you and following more consistent users. The winning formula here is to go on posting your fashion brand associated content regularly and try to maintain a consistent schedule. Your users must get fresh new content relevant to your fashion brand regularly to keep them engaged.

Mistake: Not Bothering to Comment of Other Users’ Posts

You need to keep in mind that Instagram is predominantly a social networking site. Hence, it demands active social interaction. Your work is half done if you are just posting your content. You know pretty well that your competitors, followers, and even potential followers are all posting Instagram content. You simply cannot ignore their posts. You need to devote some time daily for commenting on the diverse posts that appear on your newsfeed. 

Mistake: You Fail to Respond to Others’ Comments on Your Post

When you are posting fascinating content, it is natural for people to comment on it. You simply cannot ignore or undermine these comments from your fans and followers. You need to demonstrate your appreciation simply by responding positively to all those comments. Just a simple acknowledgment could inspire your followers to go on responding to your posts even in the future. They would start regarding your brand as more down-to-earth and friendlier. 

Mistake: Not Bringing Any Value to the Table

Your fashion brand is unlikely to be attractive to an audience if you do not give them a reason to gravitate towards you. Every single post you make must have a value proposition. It does not all have to be serious, but it must all be valuable, entertaining, or practically useful. This could involve footage of events and fashion shows they may have missed out on in-person, contests, tips and tricks for your products, pictures from the workplace or fashion industry-relevant content. The more valuable this content is, the more likely it is to generate shares, inbound links, and engagement that allow it to rank higher across the board.

Conclusion: Consider Adapting to the Times

Instagram and social media strategies are not formed in a day. The landscape evolves every single day, and there are things you must notice, learn, and integrate into your campaign if you want to have any hope of surviving and succeeding. You must audit the effectiveness of your fashion brand’s campaigns regularly, arrive at meaningful conclusions and make informed decisions towards ultimate success. A positive ROI only comes from a dynamic approach. The ultimate investment of time, money, effort and acumen is what generates positive results and gets you the online clout you desire.