Republican Congressman Claims God Wants Mankind to Be Armed at All Times

ATLANTA – A Georgia Republican lawmaker is claiming that a new bill allowing citizens to carry guns in schools and other public places in his state—what’s been dubbed a “guns everywhere” bill—was foreordained by God. According to Rep. Paul Broun, God pushed the bill through the Georgia state legislature because He “loves Himself a gun” and “always meant for mankind to be armed at all times.”

Broun—who once proposed legislation to officially make 2010 the “Year of the Bible”—said that Georgia’s Safe Carry Protection Act “may have been penned by lawmakers, but was actually written by God through divine inspiration.”

“He put those words on that paper,” Broun told Newsmax TV on Tuesday. “The Lord knows when the natural order He created is being upset, and preventing people—especially Christians—from carrying firearms in schools and churches was an affront to His Holy creation.”

Broun’s position on the bill seems in line with statements he has previously made on the subject of firearm possession. He recently said that carrying weapons is a “God-given right” and argued that allowing people to carry guns in schools will “actually prevent kids from being shot.”

“But it doesn’t matter whether it’s effective or not,” Broun noted Tuesday. “Even if having guns in schools means more school shootings, we cannot disobey the Lord.”

Many of Broun’s political opponents have attacked the congressman for his recent statements and accused him of employing “idiot-grade logic,” but Broun maintains that his position is “perfectly reasonable.”

“Everything comes from God,” Broun—who serves on the Committee on Science and Technology—said. “The sun, the moon, grass, human beings, M16A1 Carbine full fence rifles—it’s all from Him. And have you ever looked at a good firearm? It almost seems designed to fit snugly into the human hand. To me, that’s clear evidence that guns and man were always meant to be attached at the hip, so to speak.”

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