Conway Blames Democrats For Trumpcare Cutting Veterans’ Benefits Because “They’re Responsible For All The Latest Wars Anyway”

President Donald Trump’s health care bill that was passed by the House Thursday would strip 7 million veterans of tax credits and put them in the high-risk pools because it classifies post-traumatic stress disorder as a pre-existing condition. Yet, senior Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway is accusing Democrats of not caring about veterans because they didn’t act enough to fix the Veterans Administration. “Where the hell were those Democrats – excuse me – when veterans were dying waiting for care?” Conway said, dripping with self-righteous indignation. She noted that she didn’t see Democrats on TV when veterans were “dying for care and deserved better.” Over and over during the 2016 campaign, Trump promised he would improve veterans’ healthcare and overhaul the entire VA system.

“Don’t you go and try to turn this around to make it look like Donald Trump is the bad guy here,” Conway argued during her interview with portal “This is not his doing and he’s not at fault here, not in the least. The only thing he is doing right now is exactly what he promised to do during his presidential campaign, and that’s overhaul the VA system. Now, the people are clearly not aware of this, but whenever you try to change something that’s been in place for any given time, there’s always going to be nay sayers who are okay with the existing status quo. However, things need to be shaken up and some stones have to get turned in order to find a better solution than the one currently in place, because it’s obviously not working.”

Conway went on to argue that although veterans “sucked it up and took one, and some of them several, for their team and country, it’s necessary to separate the ones who actually need healthcare benefits from those who are only pretending to need them.” “If we keep this up, we’re going to be bankrupt pretty soon,” she said. “Trumpcare has been very precisely formulated to make sure to continue providing aid to veterans who actually deserve it, as well as to those who really need it. There have been changes, yes, but the big picture is still unchanged. I can assure you, no one will be denied benefits provided they are actually qualified to receive them. As for those who would love to continue to cheat the system – what can I say, I’m sorry, but that ship has sailed along with Barack Obama and the rest of the Democrats.”

“And speaking of Democrats,” she continued, “they’re also a huge part of the problem. They started the wars our country is involved in, which is to say, they’re the ones directly responsible for the fact that we now have millions of veterans to take care of. If they hadn’t started wars left and right, we wouldn’t be in this situation right now. But, since Barack Obama kept bragging about democracy on one hand, and kept increasing troops on the other, somehow Donald Trump is now at fault for trying to tighten the belt and fix what his predecessor has broken.”

“You know, sometimes I get scared of these double standards the media keeps utilizing when characterizing the current and previous presidents of the country. I’m not saying he’s perfect, but Donald Trump is a businessman; he knows all there is to know about needlessly using cannon fodder. The man is good with money and non-military personnel pays more tax than soldiers. It’s simple math,” she concluded.