Conway: “The Majority Of American Women Are Too Ignorant To Understand Trump’s Genius Acts”

Kellyanne Conway, a senior adviser to President-elect Donald Trump, said over the weekend that so-called “election deniers” and “naysayers” were wrong to complain about the new administration’s ties to Russia. In an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, Conway defended Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson, who Trump has reportedly chosen for secretary of state in spite of his close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I think in the case of Mr. Tillerson, you see someone who is not a typical politician or even a diplomat, you see a successful businessman,” Conway opined. “This is the Trump effect.”

The President-elect’s senior adviser also argued that many people “just don’t possess the mental capacity” to comprehend Donald Trump’s moves in forming his administration, “and neither are they capable of understanding his genius when it comes to Vladimir Putin.” “I would argue that the very reason why Donald Trump is what he is today and, ultimately, why he was able to snatch the presidency from right under Hillary Clinton’s nose, is because he’s super intelligent and able to read his opponent’s next moves,” she also said. “You don’t become a billionaire by just going to school and college and then hoping for the best when you graduate. You need to have an edge; something that separates you from millions of others. In the case of Donald Trump, his genius are his negotiation skills.”

She continued, “And that’s why there’s such unjustified disappointment with his picks for some of the vital functions and positions in his administration. He’s applying his advantage in getting the job done, and that’s a good thing. However, the problem is, the majority of Americans, unfortunately, are simply too ignorant to realize that and don’t support the President-elect the way they should. That goes especially for Trump’s genius regarding Vladimir Putin, because, let’s call it like it is – Vladimir Putin is no easy prey. He’s ex-KGB who served in Eastern Germany back in the day and he knows his stuff very well. He rules Russia with an iron fist and is not to be trifled with.”

“That means that we need someone equally intelligent, hard-working, and gutsy, yet diplomatic enough to counteract such an advanced strategist,” Conway argued. “And who do you think is more well versed in the art of manipulation-through-diplomacy than the CEO of one of the largest oil companies on the planet? Especially when you consider the fact that oil companies are hitting hard times with all the tree-huggers and environmentalists trying to take them down with accusations of polluting the planet. So, that’s why Tillerson is a very wise choice when it comes to secretary of state, both generally speaking, because he’ll have to deal with many other foreign dignitaries who hate our country, and also specifically, because I think he’s got what it takes to deal with Putin.”

“But, at the end of the day, when you say all of this to an okie from Muskogee, they just look at you in silence for several seconds, and then start swearing because you’re ‘ruining the country all over again.’ And that’s a typical problem with mainstream, liberal Americans these days – they’re so used to political correctness and in-the-box thinking that they view any kind of unconventional change as catastrophic and devastating. Basically, they’re just too ignorant and short-sighted to realize this is a good thing, but they’ll come around, they always do,” Conway said. Asked to elaborate on her theory that Americans will have a change of heart towards Trump, she briefly said, “Oh, they will, trust me. It’s just their brains work a bit slower than smart people’s. For example, nobody’s yet figured out that he actually let Putin believe he hacked into DNC, when in fact, it was the President-elect’s personal hacker team all along. But, we’re getting there, don’t worry,” she finally concluded.