Conway News: “I Am Ready To Fire Thomas Roberts For Crossing The Line By Disrespecting The U.S. President”

Following last week’s terrorist attack in London, President Trump at one point decided to use his Twitter to criticize London mayor Sadiq Khan’s message to his city. White House counsel Kellyanne Conway News appeared on NBC’s “TODAY Show” where the tweet was discussed in a very heated exchange between herself and co-anchor Thomas Roberts.

Conway News About Fire Thomas Roberts For Crossing The Line

Later that morning, Conway hinted that he and others should be out of a job. Appearing on “FOX & Friends,” Conway expressed her disappointment that those in the media who criticized the president’s tweet (or the president himself) remained unfired. And as for his recent criticisms, Conway said, “[…] When you hear things like that and people still keep their jobs, it’s truly remarkable.”

She continued, “When you take a look at the amount of media houses and so-called reporters that are going after the president simply because they don’t like him – which has absolutely nothing to do with the results he’s been getting, on the contrary – you get the feeling that he’s being severely disrespected. The thing is, the moment you mention that to them, they immediately start screaming about democracy and freedom of speech.

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It’s Funny How the Previous President Allowed Members

The press to get accustomed to such behavior. When I say behavior, I mean the type of ungratefulness that every single member of the press has been throwing in Donald Trump’s face. He’s trying to do what’s best for this country and he’s being ridiculed, mocked and insulted for it.”

“The worst part is, it doesn’t end there,” Conway added. “More and more reporters are becoming audacious enough to mention the Trump family, which goes beyond any type of freedom of speech or press. That is just outright disrespectful and needs to be punished. That’s why I’ve decided to make sure to start doing everything in my power to punish those who dare go beyond the limits of professionalism in their jobs.

It is One Thing to call out the President on Something

He’s done wrong, but it’s completely another to go after him simply because you don’t like him. I am going to start with Thomas Roberts of NBC, because he is the most recent in a long line of quasi-television hosts who dared to bash on the president simply because the opportunity was there.”

“An example has to be made and we have to start somewhere, so I might as well start with him. He has not only crossed the line, but has also taken it upon himself to bash on a great man for the sake of mere ratings. I am ready to have Thomas Roberts fired because he disrespected the U.S.

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president after everything Donald Trump promised he would accomplish for the black community in America. That fact alone gives Roberts’ words a particular toxicity, seeing how being ungrateful is something one would typically expect from white people. He needs to learn his lesson and I’m going to make sure of it,” Conway concluded.

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