Conway: “There’s No Rational Reason To Prevent A Child Rapist From Being President”

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway declined on Monday to address how a lawsuit accusing Donald Trump of raping a child would impact his presidency. During an interview on CNBC, Conway accused Hillary Clinton’s campaign of being “sneaky” by asking the FBI to release more information about emails that were found on longtime aide Huma Abedin’s computer. “Just ask Huma what’s on there, just ask Anthony Weiner what’s on there,” she insisted. “They are now trying to politicize the FBI.”

Conway also argued that Donald Trump “has no obstacles” to becoming president, unlike Hillary Clinton, whose track record is “more than questionable.” “Correct me if I’m wrong, but when you have a politician – no, scratch that – when you have a woman who used to be the first lady, and has also served as secretary of state, when you have a woman who has both of those job descriptions in her CV and she then goes out and gets herself a private email server and conducts thousands of conversations through it – are you really going to allow her to become president?”

“I mean, someone who’s been in the security game for so long should at the very least understand the basics. You’d expect them to know why you only use encrypted channels of communication and why you never ever go outside of that. And we’re talking here about a woman who has done that very casually, and is now asking the citizens of America to trust her not to do the same thing again, only on a much larger and potentially more devastating scale. Come on, who in their right mind would believe that will never happen again?” Conway had a point.

On the other hand, just as her rhetoric made good sense at one point, it went back down the drain the very next moment. “That being said,” she continued, “all this talk I’m hearing about the so-called child rape charges and accusations against Donald Trump, I mean, needless to say – they’re just preposterous. I know that he has a reputation for being quite the ladies man, but I doubt even he would cross the line of consensual intercourse. He’s a playboy, not a psychopath.”

“And even if he was, for arguments’ sake,” came the money shot, “I highly doubt that would be of any relevance to the presidency. Ultimately, whether or not a person has had sex with underage girls makes no difference as to how they’ll perform as commander-in-chief. The two are just apples and oranges, it doesn’t matter who you have sex with as long as it keeps you vital and sharp enough to wake up every morning and govern a country with 100% of your capabilities. What’s more, it’s very important for a man in Donald Trump’s age to keep up his vitality.”

“Therefore, there is no rational reason whatsoever to prevent a child rapist, though in the case of Donald Trump – an alleged one – from becoming President of the United States. However, there are plenty of rational reasons to prevent a woman whose security issues have single-handedly caused the Benghazi incident in 2012, and a number of other unfortunate events, from doing the same job. The two just can’t be compared, period,” Conway concluded.