Kenneth Copeland: “Whoever Doesn’t Vote For Trump Will Be Guilty For The Civil War We Planned”

Right-wing televangelist and prosperity gospel preacher Kenneth Copeland recently hosted a television program featuring right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton, Pastor George Pearsons and Bishop Keith Butler aimed at mobilizing conservative Christians to vote in the upcoming election. After failed prayers regarding one-time GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz’s “call and anointing to be the next president of the United States,” Copeland has turned to warning Christians that they will be “guilty of murder” if they don’t vote for Donald Trump.

“I kid you not when I say that the future of us all lies in your hands,” Copeland told his viewers. “And I’m talking now to the conservative Christians, to the traditional Americans and all those who feel that way: we must not allow the liberal scum to corrupt what little God-fearing purity, pride and freedom we have left. Donald Trump is the only choice for president and you all know it; don’t make the mistake of thinking that Hillary Clinton is anything else than a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The only way for this country to survive is to stick to what it knows, not try to evolve and attempt new things.”

He continued, “And in order to prove that what I’m saying is true, I am going to reveal something I’m not supposed to. There is a new Civil War looming over America, one that our conservative forces have organized and prepared. It is a war designed to right the wrongs that have been done to the people of America by the Democrats for decades.” Copeland added that the war “depends on whether or not Donald Trump wins in November.” “In the unlikely event that the serpent Hillary Clinton should triumph over Donald Trump, we will unleash a fury upon this land the likes of which has never before been seen.”

“Therefore, I hereby send this message to all those who plan to vote for anyone other than Donald Trump, including those who aren’t planning on voting at all: We will find out who you are, we will hunt you down and we will punish you for the casualties of the war I speak of,” the televangelist proclaimed. “Do not think for a second that you can hide or run away from us. The deaths of thousands of innocents will be on your hands. You have plenty of time. Think about what you’re doing and question every decision you’ve made so far. Is it worth being responsible for so many deaths compared to one short trip to the election booth?”

“Some people are prepared to make that sacrifice; are you? Conservative Americans are fed up with liberals governing what they can or can’t do, including their own personal liberties. That’s why we’ve created this failsafe. One way or another, America will change for the better come November. The only question is – will any innocent people have to die for that to happen? I’d like to think not, but the choice is up to you, dear viewers. Vote for Trump. Any other alternative is not good for you. And I mean that literally,” Copeland concluded.