Judge Rules Morgue Liable for Employee’s Unprotected Sex with Corpses

HAMILTON COUNTY, N.Y. – The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week that the Hamilton County coroner and the county morgue director could be sued for their failure to stop an employee from having sex with as many as 100 dead bodies in an unsafe, and unprotected manner.

The ruling stems from the actions of former Hamilton County morgue employee Kenneth Douglas, who confessed to showing up to work high or drunk and proceeding to have sexual intercourse with up to 100 female murder victims during the years he worked the morgue’s night shift. Families of the victims became doubly horrified regarding his actions after learning that at no time during his nightly escapades did Douglas take a moment to put on a condom.

“I would just get on top of them and pull my pants down,” testified Douglas, who is currently serving a pair of three-year sentences for “gross abuse of a corpse” convictions. “I mean, I never knew if someone was going to interrupt us, so I had to be quick. Taking the extra time to put on a condom was out.”

The court agreed to allow the victims’ families to sue Douglas’ superiors for failing to adequately supervise him and for creating a working environment conducive to unprotected necrophilia. “We find that the Hamilton County morgue had a legal liability to ensure that, not only were their employees not molesting the deceased placed in their care, but that in the unfortunate instance that temptation could not be restrained, there were adequate measures in place to ensure that any untoward nocturnal activity was done in a safe and respectful manner,” wrote the court.

While the court acknowledged that a condom dispenser in the employee bathroom would not have guaranteed that Douglas would have practiced safe sex with the dead women he defiled, they ruled that the lack of same violated both Douglas’ and the victims’ rights.

Hamilton County coroner Frank Cleveland—who, along with morgue director Bernard Kersker and morgue administrator Carol Maratea, are named in the lawsuit as having either known or had reason to know of Douglas’ actions and done nothing to stop it for years—planned to appeal the ruling. “The idea that a big bowl of condoms or dental dams sitting on the embalming table would have convinced Kenneth to slip on one before slipping it in is ridiculous,” said Cleveland. “Some guys just don’t like the feel of rubber when they’re trying to molest cold, dead flesh.”