Cory Booker Dodges Waywire Questions By Running Into Another Burning Building

NEWARK, N.J. — Newark Mayor and New Jersey Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Cory Booker today responded to persistent questions about the funding for his internet start-up company Waywire by suddenly pointing to a building behind the reporters,  saying, “Look! That building’s on fire!” and racing towards it.

Right before Booker  dashed through the entrance, one eye-witness said he saw Booker remove his shirt to reveal a costume and a cape.

Witnesses say he dashed out of the building holding a three-legged puppy, and the questions about his internet start-up were dropped.

Apparently this was the third time in two weeks Booker was involved in a heroic incident.  Ron Jackson, covering Booker for the Newark Star-Ledger said Booker had previously asked reporters not to mention his heroics.  “I don’t want to win my primary race unanimously,” he claimed. “It would make my opponent, Representative Frank Pallone, feel really bad.”

However, ever since Booker beat Pallone in the recent primary, reporters have been freed from their voluntary ban.

“It’s either an amazing coincidence,” mused Jackson regarding Booker and the burning buildings, “or something’s fishy.”

Booker made national headlines in April 2012, as mayor, when he ran into a burning house and saved a neighbor’s life.

Since then, his star has been ascendant, but the news that his online video curation company, Waywire, has been funded by top Silicon Valley executives like Google’s Eric Schmidt has been controversial.  

Lara Porch, a local TV news reporter said,  “All those burning buildings that Cory is running into look suspiciously similar. There’s speculation he might be bringing his own burning building along to run into when our questions get too hot.”