Coulter: “It’s Been Centuries Since Republicans Abolished Slavery; No Reason For Them Not To Be Back In Their Own Countries By Now”

On Friday’s Breitbart News Daily, author Ann Coulter praised the cadre of sharp advisers and feisty defenders assembled around President Donald Trump and said, “We need more of them.” “I mean, there are a hundred thousand on the other side,” she noted. When it comes to hot-button issues like immigration, Coulter predicted “every single entity” would strike out at Trump, and he’ll need stalwart political fighters to man the battlements. “The media and the Democrats most of all because, like I say, this is life or death for them, and idiot Republicans who seem to think that we owe Somalis, Guatemalans, and Mexicans for the legacy of slavery, it’s the damndest thing,” she remarked, surveying the forces that will line up against Trump on immigration reform.

“And the worst part about it is, it’s all rooted in the misconception that slaves, or more precisely, the descendants of slaves still belong here, in this country,” she continued. “That’s just not the case and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.” The conservative author also went on to say that black people, along with other non-white races that are descended from slaves who were brought to the United States in the country’s younger days, “should have been back in their countries by now.” “That’s why I can’t take anyone seriously who’s stupid enough to say that black people and Mexicans and other slave races still belong here today. That’s not true, they should have been back in their own countries long before there was any talk about a so-called multicultural and multiethnic society that is supposedly America.”

She also added, “They’ve had plenty of time to make arrangements to go back to their native parts of the world at their own leisure. After all, it’s been, what, centuries since Republicans abolished slavery. If they’re so proud of the fact that they come from Africa or wherever, why didn’t they go back? Why did they stay? You see, it’s very simple – and that’s what pains me the most, is that we’re taking an incredibly simple thing and making it wildly complicated – we didn’t want them here anymore; they didn’t want to be here anymore; so, the next logical step was to pack their bags and get on a ship or whatever and go back to their fatherland. Instead, they stayed for whatever reason and now they want equality? Tough luck – it ain’t gonna happen.”

“And you want to know why it ain’t gonna happen? Because they’re still immigrants here, they’re still not American citizens. And here’s some more food for thought for all you Trump-hating, America-loathing non-whites out there: just for reference sake – a Republican gave you your freedom. Centuries later, one of your own, a blackie and a Democrat, gave the biggest and most dangerous enemy of America billions of dollars to develop a nuclear weapon. So, next thing you know, another Republican comes to power and tries to set things right, but instead of supporting him – if for nothing else, then at least out of the gratitude of your freedom – you spit in his face and call him a racist. And that’s your problem, you’re just wired the wrong way. Bottom line, if you don’t like what another Republican is trying to do for America, kindly pack your bags and go back where you came from. Leave this country to its rightful owners and be on your way – no harm, no foul, we promise,” Coulter concluded.