Coulter Denies Her Mysterious “14” Tweet Was A Nazi Symbol: “It Actually Symbolizes A Certain Feature I Look For In A White Man”

Ann Coulter might very well be sending out dog whistles to show her solidarity with neo-Nazis. Several white nationalists seem to think that’s the case after Coulter mysteriously tweeted out the number “14” on Thursday morning without offering any explanation or additional context. For those unfamiliar with white nationalist lore, the number 14 is significant because it refers to the “14 words” that American white nationalist godfather David Lane wrote as a battle cry for his fellow neo-Nazis: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. The number is often paired with the number “88,” as the letter “H” just happens to be the eighth letter in the alphabet, and “H.H.” is short for “Heil Hitler.”

However, in an interview with ABC News on Thursday afternoon, Coulter managed to dissuade her neo-Nazi Twitter followers, as well as the general public, of the suspected intention of her tweet. Instead, she offered perhaps an equally strange and unnecessary explanation: she was actually advertising the…physical preferences of her potential mate. “Here’s the thing – men today are intimidated of women who are successful, powerful, strong and independent,” she argued. “And that’s why many women who possess the said qualities nowadays are struggling to have a fulfilled personal life. It’s become increasingly difficult to find a reliable partner, someone who fits the bill when it comes to the desirable characteristics, and is, at the same time, confident enough to be able to handle a strong, independent woman.”

“I speak from experience when I say I’ve had hundreds of guys come up to me and start chatting me up, only to give up just minutes into the conversation,” she added. “And at first, I have to admit, I was like, ‘What gives, was it something I said?’ And then I realized – they’re actually intimidated by us, by women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go for it. So, I got to thinking – how was I supposed to meet someone I would like without wasting too much time on it? And that’s when it hit me: I’ll go straight for the bulls eye and give them something to think about. So, I figured I’d tweet my preferred…dimensions of a certain body feature I’m fond of when it comes to white men, since I only date white men, and see who’d take the bait. And up until now, it’s been misinterpreted, but hopefully this interview will clear things up a bit and that’s when the games shall begin.”

“Personally, I’ve found that some men can be such a waste of time. That’s why I’ve decided to cut things short and eliminate the unwanted competition right off the bat. This way, white guys who are interested in me romantically know straight away how high the expectations bar is set, and they can act accordingly. And let me just say one more thing: although I can be flexible at times (and I do also mean that literally), anything above the said measurements is most, most welcome into the equation. You can say what you want; heck, one could even call me discriminatory, I don’t really care. The fact to the matter is, this way it’s much easier for both me and any potential suitors. They know what they’re getting themselves into from the get go,” the Republican pundit revealed.