Coulter: “The Only Immigrants Here Are Mexicans, Indians And Black People”

Ann Coulter stopped by “The Eric Metaxas Show” on Tuesday to discuss Donald Trump’s speech following the massacre in Orlando, in which he expanded his proposed ban on Muslim immigration. According to the conservative author, America is now facing terrorist attacks because Democrats decided to bring in “hordes of the Third World” in order to defeat Republicans at the polls. She said, “We have never been a nation of immigrants. This is a myth invented by the Democrats for electoral purposes.”

“Ask any American, any real American. They’ll tell you that the white man is the native race of this continent. If it wasn’t for white people, this place would today still be a backwater piece of dry land filled with wild animals, untouched nature and clean air. In other words, it would be a dump,” Coulter argued. “Native Americans? Please. They were just land-sitting until Columbus came along and was like, ‘Gee, thanks, dear redskins, now if you’d be so kind as to move along, the masters have returned.’”

Coulter then went on to claim that the only “real” immigrants in the United States are “the ones who wanted a piece of the action after they saw what white people transformed the country into.” “I mean, nobody thought Vegas had any potential until the mob families did their thing. It’s the same with our country, when everybody saw what white people were capable of, they immediately rushed over here and demanded a piece of the cake. Well, sorry folks, but it doesn’t work that way.”

“In fact, America is so white in its roots that the only ones here who should be considered immigrants are Indians, Mexicans and black people,” with the latter being “the youngest and most troublesome category,” the author told Metaxas. “They’re no good when it comes to anything. Look at cotton production, for example. We would have never become the biggest manufacturer and exporter of cotton in the world if it hadn’t been for white people who thought of using physically superior black people to pick it. In other words, we would never have done it if black people had been left to figure it out on their own.”

She continued, “The Indians I’m not even going to talk about. And the Mexicans? A lot can be said about that bunch of no-good, job-stealing, crime-importing, low wage-accepting fence jumpers. The only good thing that ever came out of Mexico is Corona, and that’s not even their own recipe. They probably stole it from somewhere, just like everything else. They need to get out before we drive them out, and that’s why I love Donald Trump. He’s a no B.S. kind of guy.”

“What was Thomas Edison? White. What was Nicola Tesla? White. What was George Washington? Again, white. Are you starting to see a pattern here? That’s because every single thing that made this country great was, in one way or the other, white. And you know something else? Sure, we have black actors today who believe they are contributing to the overall core of creative art that is being generated in this country, but the Academy doesn’t seem to think so. And you know something else? That’s because the Academy Awards are intended for domestic actors and actresses. Sorry guys, maybe you should going back home next year,” Coulter concluded.

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