Ann Coulter: “Mexicans Need To Decide Whether They Prefer Paying For The Wall Or Sending Us Their Therapists To Treat The Girls They’re Raping”

Ann Coulter rarely shies away from a controversial topic, even when it means being targeted by internet trolls unhappy with her political views. The conservative pundit took to Twitter Thursday and made a comparison that sent social media users into a fury. Coulter linked a quote from the Washington Examiner’s Byron York, which cited another figure, claiming, the “cost of building a wall (is) roughly equal to one year’s worth of improper payments in Earned Income Tax Credit program.” As is expected with Coulter, many found her comments too distasteful.

In a Friday interview with the internet portal, the pundit commented on her Twitter post, saying that the wall Donald Trump has vowed to build between the U.S. and Mexico “is the absolute best thing that could have happened to our country.” She also argued that she has “total confidence” that the Mexican government will pay for the wall, although she didn’t rule out other methods of coming to an agreement, which was odd, considering she’s been on of the biggest supporters of Donald Trump during his campaign, most notably when it came to illegal immigration.

“At the end of the day, the fact to the matter is Mexico pretty much has two options at this point: they can either choose to pay for the wall in its entirety, at which point we’ll stop nagging about that, or, I think President Trump might also settle for something like them sending us their therapists to treat the girls and young women that are being raped by illegal immigrants from Mexico,” Coulter added. “Of course, it goes without saying that, in the event that the latter is the option they go with, we would conduct thorough screenings of the so-called ‘experts’ the Mexican government plans to send here, just so we’d make sure they’re not wolves in sheep’s clothing, if you know what I mean.”

She continued, “Because, let’s face it – the last thing we want is to have them send their shrinks here and then have them turn out to be worse maniacs than the rapists we’ve already got wreaking havoc across the country. That would turn out to be the biggest scandal since Watergate and even O.J.. No, I’m thinking we still need to keep pushing the first option, which is them paying for the wall completely. But also, we need to give them an alternative as well; we just need to make it less desirable and attractive than dishing out the money.”

“And I’ve got just the deterrent: for every psychiatrist that turns out to be a rotten egg and ends up harassing any of the patients, we’ll have Donald Trump revoke the U.S. citizenship from a famous Mexican celebrity, and then deport them back to Mexico. We could start with maybe Eva Longoria, or Charlie Sheen. He’s been going through a lot lately, so why not have him deported to Mexico and out of our hair? It would be like killing two birds with one stone. In fact, it almost makes you start wishing that more American women get raped by illegal immigrants from south of the border. At least we’ll clear up Hollywood, if nothing else,” she concluded.