Coulter: “Syrian Survivor Boy Is Liberal Propaganda Aimed At Bringing All Of Them Here”

In a recent interview with, conservative author Ann Coulter complained about constant “liberal propaganda”: “We’re bombarded with liberal propaganda 24/7, from the early morning shows, Hollywood movies, documentaries and sitcoms, all major newspapers, fashion magazines, the sports pages, public schools, college professors and administrators, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Unless liberals specifically seek out Ann Coulter books or columns, which I highly recommend, or tune into Fox News or conservative talk radio, they have no idea what conservatives are thinking.”

She also managed to graze the topic of a young Syrian boy who was rescued from a partially destroyed building after a devastating air strike in the city of Aleppo on August 17, and whose picture went viral throughout social media. According to the conservative author, the picture of the small boy was also part of liberal propaganda. “I have to tell you,” she argued, “I knew the liberals were good, but I didn’t think they were this good. I actually thought they would let this one slide; after all, it’s terrible what has happened to that child.”

“But, oh no, the liberals won’t be fooled,” Coulter continued. “They once again threw their compassion and common sense down the drain, if they had any left at all, and used the viral picture to their advantage. And what are we hearing right now? How the poor Syrians are suffering tremendously over there and how, just like that young boy, they need to be brought somewhere to safety. And take a wild guess what place they’re talking about? I’ll give you a hint – it’s certainly not China or Russia, no. It’s our good, old United States of America. I gotta give it to them – even I didn’t see this coming.”

Asked to elaborate on her theory further, the avid Donald Trump fan said that using the viral snapshot was much like “loading a 50-caliber bullet into the chamber of what is arguably a high-power liberal propaganda sniper rifle.” “What’s going to happen now is we’re going to start seeing that picture all over the news, all day long, and it’s going to become the talk of the town. Everybody is going to be shown just how bad the situation in Syria is, and that’s when the liberals are going to go in for the kill – we’re going to start hearing how we need to help those people get to safety, i.e. here. Because, hey, ‘it’s the American way,”’ she argued.

“In reality, we’d better get all of our troops out of that part of the world, nuke them all the way to oblivion and then get back to the real issue, which is keeping this country alive for another century or two by electing Donald Trump as the president,” Coulter said. “Because, we’re already seeing what the alternative is. All-day-long liberal propaganda about how the poor Muslims are suffering, how they need help, how Americans are expected to provide that help and how we need more Syrian refugees and illegal immigrants in this country. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen if anybody other than Trump becomes president – we’ll stop being Americans and start being everybody else. I mean, why go back? The point is to move forward and electing Trump is how we do it,” she concluded.