Coulter: “A Taco Jockey Judge Influencing The Election Is Just As Bad As A Colorful President Of The US”

Right-wing provocateur Ann Coulter has demonstrated that of all the Donald Trump supporters out there in the political media, she may well be the Trumpiest. The presumptive GOP nominee on Tuesday night tried to douse the fire he started when he referred to American-born federal judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is presiding over a fraud case against Trump and Trump University, as “Mexican.” In a column that came out Wednesday, Coulter rushed to Trump’s defense and made fun of “the media” calling Trump a “racist.”

“As far as I’m aware, it takes much more than a college degree to be a real reporter,” Coulter wrote. “It takes a sound mind and a realistic and, above all, objective worldview. There is no room for personal opinions and positions when working in any type of media. And that is exactly what is at play here when it comes to Donald Trump’s relationship with the press in this country. What’s more, it appears to sting quite bad when you are proven wrong. Of course, I wouldn’t know since I’m always right, but nevertheless. Donald Trump is being publically persecuted for no reason other than the fact that he is changing this country for the better.”

The famously sharp-tongued author went on to argue that the former reality TV star and real estate magnate is right in promoting racism and bigotry. “When you start identifying real problems, those same problems tend to bite back at you for making waves. And that is what is going on with this taco jockey judge. ‘But he was born in Indiana,’ I hear his defenders argue every day. What they don’t understand is – his birthplace is not the problem. His origin is. It is no accident that the federal judge – and how and why he is one is a whole other story – who is preceding over a case including Donald Trump was an anchor baby. The rest of us just need to connect the dots.”

According to Coulter, the billionaire businessman is the only political candidate in the last few decades who has openly admitted to the fact that there is no more room for political correctness. “They call Trump names, they insult him on a daily basis, they want to put him down. And yet, every word that comes out of his mouth, no matter how peculiar or insulting it initially sounds, proves to be true. Mexicans have destroyed this country. They have been doing so for generations, and they have infiltrated our society so deeply that we almost ended up with a half-Cuban president just because millions of voters, who until yesterday were illegal immigrants, felt a connection to a half-Latin candidate. Luckily, that catastrophe was avoided.”

“It is about time we wake up,” Coulter wrote. “Allowing a descendent of border bandits to have an influence on the outcome of the presidential election is just as catastrophic as having a colorful president of the United States. And let’s make one thing perfectly clear: we welcome everyone with open arms, because that is who we are. But when it comes to running the country, only a certain type of people will ever have that privilege. And the color of Donald Trump’s skin has earned him the right to be a part of that group. If you don’t like it, feel free to grasshop back to where you came from,” she concluded.

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