Coulter: “When Trump Spoke Of Groping Women, He Always Asked Them First, But Jay Z Never Asked Me If I Liked Being Called A ‘Psycho Bitch’”

Ann Coulter, conservative commentator and author of the book “In Trump We Trust,” is breaking down the final campaign blitz. Ann sat down with “Extra” to weigh in on a number of different political headlines, most notably ones concerning Melania Trump’s cyberbullying speech and rapper Jay Z’s profanity-laced music performance for Hillary Clinton in Cleveland Friday night.

Given that she’s a known supporter of the Republican presidential candidate, she referenced his similarly offensive comments from a 2005 audio recording of him talking about “grabbing women by the pu**y.” “I understand that everybody’s upset with him for it, I wasn’t too happy about it either, but it’s all in the past and he’s not that person anymore,” Coulter did her signature-thing of justifying Trump regardless of the severity of his transgression.

She added, “But what Jay Z did this Friday is way more offensive than what Donald did. I mean, the two shouldn’t be compared, but they both made offensive comments, so it’s kind of natural. But, what I can tell you about Donald Trump is, he never groped unassuming women; he always either asked them first or made it clear in some other way that he was sexually interested in them. He never did it to surprise anyone,” she said. “I know this because he told me so.”

“On the other hand, I’ve never met Jay Z so I can’t tell you what kind of person he is, but one thing I do now is – I was never asked whether or not I liked being called a ‘psycho bitch.’ Because, if I had, I would have told him to specifically exclude me from the lyrics of his song. At the end of the day, to grope unassuming women is bad; to uniformly refer to all women on the planet as ‘psycho bitches’ is incredibly offensive and sexist since, well, all men come out of women, if you catch my drift,” Coulter added.

“To clarify things a bit here,” she added, “I’m perfectly okay with the whole rap thing and swearing in order to make bucket loads of money. I’m not an idiot, I get how the economy works and I understand trends. But what I don’t condone, not in the least, is using profanity to refer to women, and especially myself, since I don’t consider myself a bitch at all. The psycho part is still open for debate, though.“

She continued, “And how come when Donald Trump gets accused of being disrespectful to women, everybody’s on his case, yet when a famous black person does the same, everybody sides with him? That’s not fair. Besides, Donald Trump may enjoy groping women, but they clearly like it, since he has a reputation of being quite the ladies man. That explains a very important thing: even when Donald Trump is being a d*ck, he does it with class. That’s why no woman I know could resist him.”

“I really hope Jay Z takes a page from Donald Trump’s book after all of this,” Coulter added. “I know he doesn’t need lessons on how to get women, since he’s married and all that, but he’d be wise to learn from the best. As for me, I got 99 problems, but a psycho bitch ain’t one,” she concluded.