Ann Coulter: “U.S. Becoming Uganda With All Those Blacks On The Streets”

Ann Coulter was not impressed by Tuesday night’s Republican presidential debate on CNN, telling talk radio host Joyce Kaufman recently that only Donald Trump isn’t “embarrassed about getting white votes.” She also stated that she’s fed up with Republicans comparing themselves to Ronald Reagan. “For Pete’s sake,” she said, “Reagan was elected 35 years ago. The world was a different place. The main problem facing America is no longer the threat from the Soviet Union, it’s not encroaching communism, the threat facing America right now is we’re about to become Uganda.”

“I mean, one look out the window is more than enough to realize that in today’s ‘modern’ America, the white Christian male has become an endangered species. I mean, we’re taking in literally everybody, blacks, Hispanics, Asian, women, Muslims, Hindus, I mean whoever wants to become an American, Obama just nods and they’re in. But that’s not the problem I have with immigration, that’s how we came to be as a country, after all. What bothers me is that whoever comes in brings a lot of their former country, culture and religion with them. So, now you have a situation where middle class, white Christian men are a minority in their own country,” she fumed.

The commentator also went on to claim that “the once greatest country in the world is slowly taking the shape of a third world refugee haven, exploited for its riches,” and added that “even Uganda has a more homogenous demographic, and that really tells you how low we’ve sunk and what kind of scum we’re collecting here.”

And when Kaufman lamented that even Republicans are adopting the “bankrupt philosophy” that “inherent white privilege exists,” and added, “It’s all like a bad movie, Ann, and every day I wake up and I say, I don’t know how this story ends,” Coulter’s rhetoric really took off.

“You know, I’ve thought a lot about that, and there’s really just one solution,” Coulter opined. “The only thing that can save this God-forsaken country is Donald Trump. And I’m not talking about Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman, I’m talking about Donald Trump, President of the United States. What we need, Joyce, is a white Christian hottie with a huge pair between his legs who’s not afraid of clashing with cowards and standing up for the oppressed white race.”

She added: “That’s the kind of man this country is crying for, and I don’t care what anyone says – he gets the job done and puts his country first. And speaking of what’s between his legs, even though he’s married, I’m pretty sure there are millions of white American women nationwide who wouldn’t mind examining hands on what it is that makes Trump so cocky and confident.” Kaufman interjected, “And are you one of them?” to which Coulter replied, “I’m too much of a lady to answer that directly, but since I’m not afraid of answering any question, I will say that all of his money wouldn’t be enough to buy that man enough Viagra for a night with me.”