Creative Logos: 5 Key Tips for Designing Your Business Logo

It takes five to seven viewings before someone remembers a brand. If you want someone to remember your brand better, you need a memorable logo. The best logos are simple and unique.

You see creative logos in marketing every day, but how many of them are successful at marketing a business? There are a few rules that all great logos follow. Read this guide and find out five of them to keep in mind when designing your logo.

1. Know the Competition

You want your logo to stand out, so you need to know what everyone else is doing. This will help you avoid creating a logo that’s too similar. Creating a logo that’s easily confused with your competitor isn’t smart branding and could land you in legal trouble.

Once you’ve created your logo, protect it from possible copycats by having it copyrighted and trademarked. This will allow you to legally stop someone from stealing your business by creating a logo slightly off from yours and confusing consumers.

2. Keep It Simple

Your logo needs to be a simple image that someone can look at quickly and instantly recognize that it’s your company. This means keep the small details to a minimum.

Stick to one font and your brand name. Keep the colors minimal. There should never be more than two or three.

If you’re unsure of your logo, try looking at it shrunk to a small size. Does it become hard to decipher? This means it’s too busy.

3. Don’t Forget the Negative Space

Sometimes people get so wrapped up in their design; they forget to look beyond it. This tends to happen when you’re focused and invested in the design. But your audience will notice.

The first thing you should check for is that you don’t accidentally create anything inappropriate. Then you should consider if you can make the negative space work in your favor.

4. Think About Your Brand

You want the logo to be a representation of your brand. So if you have a more formal company, you want the logo to reflect that sophistication. If your company is more fun, then your logo can be more whimsical.

5. Don’t Rush the Process

You can quickly and easily create a logo with an online logo maker. But this doesn’t mean you’re done. Instead, create a few different options and play around with several ideas.

Then live with the logo options for a while and think about what you like and don’t like. You can develop the logos from there. This slower process will ensure you create the best possible product.

Start Designing Creative Logos

You’re now ready to start designing some creative logos. Remember, keep it simple and true to your brand.

Don’t rush the process and don’t be afraid to use the negative space. Once you have the perfect design, make sure it doesn’t infringe on your competitors.

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