Critic of Vladimir Putin Found Alive

SOCHI, Russia — In a wildly unexpected development, Alexander Lebedev, a Russian businessman and outspoken critic of Vladimir Putin, has been found alive at his home in Sochi, Russia. Shockingly, there were no signs of struggle and no reported evidence of foul play. Lebedev appeared to be watching a trailer for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones.

“My wife is out with a few friends,” said Lebedev, his last known words. “I’m very excited to see what happens to King Joffrey.”

Sasha, his daughter in law, first reported Lebedev’s fate in an online post. Feodor Obukhov , a family friend, later confirmed the perplexing news that Lebedev is still alive.

“He constantly made jokes about Putin in public,” said Obukhov. “It was something he never shied away from. … He’s talked about reading the books, but for now I think he’ll be happy just watching Game of Thrones on HBO Go whenever he wants.”

Lebedev has yet to follow in the footsteps of Boris A. Berezovsky, a Putin supporter-turned-critic who died in an apparent suicide in London earlier this month. Lebedev is also, amazingly, not among the over 129 journalists who have been murdered since Putin has been in power.